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Custom FL Studio/Music Studio Drum Kits

Hello All,

Here are a few studio quality drum set instruments I have made by sampling Toontrack VST's in FL Studio for PC. These instruments can only be used with FL Studio Mobile and Music Studio. You will have to adjust the release on most of the pads (or the overall instrument) in order for these to sound correct.

To install these open this page on your iOS device and tap the instrument name. When downloaded, open in FL Studio Mobile or Music Studio.

Here are the Kits:

The Metal Foundry - For all your metal needs.

NY Avatar - Good for anything.

Vintage Rock - Classic rock, alternative, metal, etc..

Twisted Kit - The weird twisted kit. Good for industrial music or anything odd sounding. Full of pots and pans, drawers, body hits, detuned drums, etc..


Please note: The samples included are not the original samples that come with Toontracks VSTs and Stand Alone Player, They are played on a midi controller, recorded with a single velocity and converted to a '.instr' file. The samples within should NEVER be extracted from the .instr files. Please DO NOT MAKE MONEY with these instruments. They are for people who make music for fun and testing only. If you really like what you hear, buy from Toontrack (SD2, EZ Drummer).

I hope you Enjoy!

FL Studio Mobile (AppStore Link) FL Studio Mobile
Developer: image-line
Rated: 4+1
Price: $19.99 Download

Music Studio (AppStore Link) Music Studio
Developer: Alexander Gross
Rated: 4+5
Price: $20.99 Download

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