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Getting Started with mSequencer (MIDI Pattern Sequencer)

Here is a tutorial on how to get started with mSequencer (MIDI Pattern Sequencer). In this video I use mSequencer to control all 8 channels of Korg's iPolySix via virtual midi. This video doesn't even begin to touch what a great app this is. If there is interest in it, I will definitely be making more videos on some of the more advanced procedures you can use as well as a lot of other options I couldn't get to in this video.

I highly recommend using an external midi controller with this app to build your sequences.

Conclusion: This is an excellent app for anyone wanting to program midi sequences and send them to apps via virtual midi. It gives you a larger range of control then any other sequencer app I have ever used. This app does not support Audiobus but it definitely should. Well worth it's price.

MIDI Pattern Sequencer (AppStore Link) MIDI Pattern Sequencer
Developer: Igor Vasiliev
Rated: 4+3
Price: $3.99 Download

KORG iPolysix for iPad (AppStore Link) KORG iPolysix for iPad
Developer: KORG INC.
Rated: 4+4
Price: $39.99 Download

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