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Introduction to Automation in mSequencer (MIDI Pattern Sequencer)

In this tutorial I show how to use the automation part of mSequencer (MIDI Pattern Sequencer). I control both Animoog and Korg iMS-20 with mSequencer and automate some knob turns in each app.

MIDI Pattern Sequencer (AppStore Link) MIDI Pattern Sequencer
Developer: Igor Vasiliev
Rated: 4+3
Price: $3.99 Download

KORG iMS-20 (AppStore Link) KORG iMS-20
Developer: KORG INC.
Rated: 4+4
Price: $39.99 Download

Animoog (AppStore Link) Animoog
Developer: Moog Music Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: $39.99 Download

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