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Studio Pop Drumkit for BeatMaker2 by Derek Buddemeyer

iOS Musician Derek Buddemeyer has put together this excellent Studio Pop Drum set for use with the BeatMaker2 keyboard sampler. I really love this drum kit, Derek did an outstanding job. I use this kit all the time. Big thanks to Derek for putting this together and allowing me to host it here. I hope you enjoy, I'm sure you will 😀
(Download link at the bottom)

Preview Songs:
by Derek

by Me

Preview Videos:
by derek

Install Instructions:
Derek Buddemeyer Beatmaker 2 custom drum kit with loops:
-Download the zip file from dropbox (link below)
-Add the file to your Dropbox
-Open BM2
-go to Dropbox inside BM2
-open the DB DRUM FOLDER AND MOVE it over to BM2.
-When it's done transferring, add keyboard sampler instrument and choose DB Popstudio. Go to track and hit the plus sign to add midi...choose DB pop and your grooves and fills will be there. After that you can add another track with the same sampler and add cymbals or accents without distorting the original midi track... Enjoy!
(install instruction by Derek Buddemeyer edited by me)

DB Studio Pop Drum Kit DROPBOX

BeatMaker 2 (AppStore Link) BeatMaker 2
Developer: INTUA
Rated: 4+4
Price: $13.99 Download

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