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Yamaha Pacifica virtual guitar addon for BeatMaker2

YP - BM2Intro:
Welcome to the Yamaha Pacifica virtual electric guitar addon for Beat Maker 2. I designed this addon for anyone who wants to add a realistic electric guitar to their project, have complete control over techniques, Amps and effects but not have the skill/time/availability to play a real guitar. The audio was not recorded by me, it was taken from a free library I downloaded from the internet. The guitar is sampled dry which means no amp, no effects, no eq... Just as if you had plugged the guitar into your iPhone, iPod or iPad directly. Each keyboard key has been assigned 7 common techniques that an electric guitarists uses, heavy Palm Muting, Open strum, Hammer on, Pull off, Vibrato, Pitch Harmonic, and light Palm Mute. This addon was designed to be used with Audiobus and although you can use BM2's internal effects.

Yamaha Pacifica - Electric Lead: A dry sampe set toned to be used for distorted Rhythm and Lead
Yamaha Pacifica - Electric Lead -3: same thing transposed 3 octaves lower
Yamaha Pacifica - Acoustic: A dry sample set toned to be used clean or acoustic
Yamaha Pacifica - Acoustic -3: same thing transposed 3 octaves lower
example content: Example project and example midi files

Move folder 'Yamaha Pacifica BM2' to your DropBox
Open BM2
navigate to dropbox import
Copy folder 'Yamaha Pacifica BM2' into Beat Maker 2 'user content'

How to add a Guitar:
In BM2 Add a new instrument
Select keyboard sampler
Navigate to the folder 'Yamaha Pacifica BM2'
Load 'Yamaha Pacifica - Electric Lead - BM2.bmk2' or 'Yamaha Pacifica - Acoustic - BM2.bmk2'
**OR** Load 'Yamaha Pacifica - Electric Lead -3 - BM2.bmk2' or 'Yamaha Pacifica - Acoustic -3 - BM2.bmk2' for the transposed -3 octave versions

How to use (IMPORTANT):
Each note on the keyboard contains a sample from E3 to c#8.
In the transposed -3 octave version they range from E0 to D6.
Any lower or higher notes will have no effect.
There are 7 samples per key controlled by velocity
Write this down or print it, you'll need it.

Velocity - Effect:
0-20 - Palm Mute soft
21-40 - Pitch Harmonic vibrato
41-60 - Vibrato
61-80 - Pull off
81-99 - Hammer on
100-120 - Open
121-127 - Palm Mute Heavy

Getting started:
To better understand please load the included example project 'Yamaha Pacifica Example Setup.bm2' and look at the midi files and the velocity tails. There is also a few included midi files in the folder '/midi/'

The Yamaha Pacifica for bm2 was designed to be programmed via the BM2 midi editor. However, using a midi controller like Guitarism or Live Guitar works excellent too. Here is a video of me messing around with this addon using guitarism.


Example Song:
Here is a short example song. It is a 'render' of the included example project.

Yamaha Pacifica on dropbox

Thanks guys,
Any questions or problems please let me know right away

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