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Guitarism Graphic Evolution

Hey Everyone,

One thing you may not know about me is that besides making tons of videos, running this site, beta testing, etc.. I also made the graphics for Guitarism. Well the new graphics anyhow, since 3.0. So i thought it might be neat to show everyone some of the "rejected" Guitarism graphics. I've never really seen a graphic designer release his "mistakes" before.. So here we go..

Original Acoustic Skin

This was the first thing I had made for Rhism. It kinda was the start of everything else.

Acoustic Skin Final

This is the final skin.

iPad Concept Skin

This is my first concept for the iPad version of the skin.

iPad skin final

This is the final version of the iPad skin


First Logo

The first logo attempt. Too bright, arrows don't make sense.

Logo 2

We had almost used this one. We felt it looked too much like Garageband's logo

Logo 3

Almost the final. Spotlight too bright and chord labels not needed

Logo final

The final logo

Intro Page:

First Intro Page

This was the first mock up for the intro page. Donut guitar. lol

Intro 2

The second intro page i made was close to the final. The background was made in 3D..

Intro Final

The finished Intro page

Other Unused Graphics:

Unused Ad

This advertisement was never used

Rhism Logo - none of these got used

Rhism logo 1

The first take at the Rhism logo

Rhism logo 2

The second logo attempt

Rhism logo 3

The third and final logo attempt. We decided not to worry about it after this.

I hope this was mildly entertaining 😀

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