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The Top 3 Music Utility Apps for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

Here is a quick demo of what I think are the Top 3 musical utility apps are for iOS that no serious iOS musician should be without. I take a little time to explain some of what each app can do.

1. Audiobus
2. Audioshare
3. MidiBridge

Audiobus 2 (AppStore Link) Audiobus 2
Developer: Audiobus Pty. Ltd.
Rated: 4+3
Price: $6.99 Download

AudioShare (AppStore Link) AudioShare
Developer: jonatan liljedahl
Rated: 4+5
Price: $5.49 Download

MidiBridge (AppStore Link) MidiBridge
Developer: Soft Audio
Rated: 4+1.5
Price: $11.99 Download

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