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Intro to Meteor Multitrack Recorder: Slayer – South of Heaven

In this video demo and tutorial I show some of the great new functions of Meteor Multitrack Recorder by playing and recording a cover of "South of Heaven" by Slayer. I show how Meteor is a real multitrack recorder now by recording 3 tracks simultaneously as well as covering how to set up virtual midi to sync up apps for recording, using the mixer, setting up Automation and touch a little on adding effects. All made possible through the magic of audiobus. I used the Meteor Video plugin to sync up the finished song with the video instead of hearing the unmixed version while i record, I then show how i mixed it that way.. I did add much more volume automation and effects in the final mix. In my next video I am going to show off more of the effects and mixing capabilities of this great app.

In this video I used the Apogee Jam, Meteor Multitrack Recorder, Audiobus, Ampkit, iFretless Bass, and BeatMaker2. All done on iPad 3rd gen.

Meteor Multitrack Recorder (AppStore Link) Meteor Multitrack Recorder
Developer: Limelight Software
Rated: 4+1
Price: $27.99 Download

Audiobus 2 (AppStore Link) Audiobus 2
Developer: Audiobus Pty. Ltd.
Rated: 4+3
Price: $6.99 Download

AmpKit+ guitar amps & pedals (AppStore Link) AmpKit+ guitar amps & pedals
Developer: Agile Partners Technologies, LLC
Rated: 4+4.5
Price: $27.99 Download

iFretless Bass (AppStore Link) iFretless Bass
Developer: Ngo Minh Ngoc
Rated: 4+
Price: $20.99 Download

BeatMaker 2 (AppStore Link) BeatMaker 2
Developer: INTUA
Rated: 4+3
Price: $13.99 Download

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