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Nave – iOS MARS preset bank

When I first got Nave I found most of the presets weren't my style at all, I started making patches to get the sounds i wanted and thought I'd share them with you. All the presets are made with custom wave files and are centered around Guitar and Bass mutations.

Here is a quick video preview of the sounds.

Download Instructions:

Dropbox: You must have a dropbox account and the dropbox app for this to work. Using your iPad, open safari and navigate to this page, then click the photo below. Transfer the file to your dropbox. Open the Dropbox app on your iPad and load the file "iOS MARS.navebank". Click the "open in" icon in the top right corner. select "open in Nave" and that's it!

Email: Email me at and ask for the patch and I will email it to you. Open the email on your iPad using the Apple Email app and start downloading the attached file "iOS MARS.navebank". When the file is done downloading it will prompt you to "open in Nave", that's it.

I'm sorry for the difficult download instructions but these are the only two methods that seem to work. It is out of my hands. :-)

Download Now:
Download Preset Bank Now

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