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C.24 A keyboard and case for iPad – coming soon

The C.24 iPad KB & Case

The C.24 iPad Keyboard & Case

I woke up today to an email from a rep at a company called Miselu. They have created a new music keyboard with a bit of a twist to what we are used to, this Keyboard is also an iPad case and folds down to a thickness about the size of an iPad.

This looks like a great option for iPad musicians on the go. I own an M-audio KeyRig 49, which is great but won't fit even in a backpack and takes up a lot of real estate on my desk even. As an owner of the Zagg Keyboard (typing) and case, I have wanted to have a music keyboard version for some time.

Here is their first demo video

My first thought when watching the above video was, why the hell didn't Jory Bell put on a decent shirt first? HA! All jokes aside... This appears like it could be a really great product. The option to have hardware addons for it from other companies is definitely interesting but I think they are going to have a very difficult time getting anyone on board with that. Perhaps if they were to offer to build the hardware for the developers with their values.. However, A simple nob system that controls Midi CC, like I imagine that Miselu has in mind, would let any developer have compatibility over knob turns in their app, a lot of apps already have these settings.

The idea of owning more then one of these keyboards and using them together at the same time is something I find very interesting. 48 keys is enough to play almost any song without needing to octave up or down, and at only the width of two iPads it seems to be a very intriguing solution for playing on the go, in a hotel room or even a picknick table at the park.

Now, it's not all sunshine and rainbow hugs. I see some possible downsides to this as well. My first concern is that the keys are too thin and I will break them off. Take a look at this photo.

A shot from under the keys where you can see the thickness and magnets

A shot from under the keys where you can see the thickness and magnets

I am not sure what materials the final product will be made of but from the look of these demo videos I am slightly worried that snapping a key will be a common thing. You know, perhaps the keys are made of plexiglass and this would never be a problem or maybe they will break and Miselu will send extra keys along with your purchase.

Another concern I have is with the case side of this product. I think it should definitely have a back to it. As i said earlier, I own the Zagg Keyboard, which has a back, and the back part is a life saver. My first concern is that without a back the case may often come apart when russling around in a backpack and end up getting damaged. My main concern with it is the stability of it when propped upright for playing. In this photo you can see how the back of the Zagg case braces the iPad in place while in use.image Well if you take the backing off and just use the stand part of it, although it initially seems very secure underneath the big non slip rubber bumper, it only takes a couple quick pokes of the screen to pop it right out of there and crashing down on the table.. I fear that without a back the C.24 will constantly be falling to our tables while trying to quickly change settings or apps. The good news is you don't HAVE to have it in the slot for the keyboard to work. You should be able to use it while in another dock as well.

Here is a interview video where Michael Prichard, the VP of design, explains how they created the keyboard. Only watch this one if you would really like to hear about the keyboard from a design and production point of view.

So my conclusion on this product is inconclusive. hah! It's going to be something I'm going to have to try or hear it from someone I trust before I know what is what. All that said though it is a very exciting idea and I really hope that my concerns are in vein. Time will tell!

If this all sounds awesome to you and you want one fast or just want to help the guys get this off the ground, or hell, if you just want more info, pop over to their Kickstarter page where you can donate various amounts of money to the project and receive special bonuses for doing so.

I'm not sure what the final price will be for this product but it looks like it will definitely be over $100 for sure. This may be a tough sell on a lot of poor musicians out there but they haven't released an official price yet so time will tell on that too.


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