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Maria Calfa-De Paul – Best Thing in My Life

Here is a great song by Maria Calf-De Paul, played live on iPad using Guitarism's Triple Play IAP. Maria made this video for an entry to a contest on the iPad Musicians Facebook group (which I am a proud member and new admin of) so make sure you become a member for news, talk, contests and giveaways! Make sure you subscribe to Maria on youtube ilovemyminimo. Here is what Maria has to say about the video and song.

This is a video I did for a competition sponsored by the developers of the iPad app "Epic Synth" for the iPad Musician Group.
The rules were to play a song without stopping on the iPad
I chose one of the suggested apps: Guitarism and incorporated its new Triple Play Feature where I used three other apps via virtual midi (Thumbjam for the strings, iFretless Bass for the bass, and SoundPrism Pro for the Rhodes sound)
The song is an original called Best Thing In My Life and I wrote it for my husband and two sons.
Hope you like it.

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