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Intro to Samplr

In this video I do a quick walkthrough and demo of Samplr. After 3 different people today were wondering about it and if i had done any videos I decided to do this one. I ended up making more noise then anything in this video but let it be known that you can make some beautiful sounds with it too. All in all this video should give you a good idea of all the different functions of Samplr. I didn't get a chance to show you any of the recording features in this video but they are really cool as well. I hope you find this helpful!

The samples I used are from Burn by Nine Inch Nails available on the NiN remix website.

And sorry about my crackly voice. Not feeling the best today. 😉

Samplr - Touch the Music (AppStore Link) Samplr - Touch the Music
Developer: Marcos Alonso
Rated: 4+4.5
Price: $13.99 Download

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