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Intro to Harmony Voice

In this video I show you how to get started with Harmony Voice, a vocals processing app by VirSyn. I also give a decent demo of the sound quality and functions of the app by using a vocal sample sung by Trent Reznor taken from his official sample release of "Only" by Nine Inch Nails. I really like this app and it has the lowest latency effects of all the vocal processing apps I have tried, the best one yet for live performances. There are a lot of options that I couldn't get to in this video.

The #1 problem with this app is that there isn't a way to save or load presets that I can see. If I'm being blind and/or dumb please tell me where to find them! Other then this though, I have no complaints.

In this video I used AudioShare to record the high quality sound so that I could insert it into the video instead of the normal "live" sound I do, It worked out well and I will be doing this more in the future. Thanks to Tim from Discchord for encouraging me. :-)

Harmony Voice (AppStore Link) Harmony Voice
Developer: VirSyn Software Synthesizer
Rated: 4+1
Price: $9.99 Download

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