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Tips for iOS 7 and music apps


This was posted by Holderness Media (Echo Pad) earlier today. Great info. For those updating to iOS 7, be aware there is currently a bug that affects all apps that record/process live audio input, including Echo Pad, Audiobus, and many others. Thankfully it happens much less frequently on the iPad, and it is pretty easy Rock On →

Official: Echo Pad – Audio Examples and Preset Demo


This is an official demo for Echo Pad from Holderness Media. “This video demonstrates some of the new parameters in the delay control panel for multi-tap delays, as well as processing guitar and other apps through some of Echo Pad’s factory presets.”

Official: Echo Pad – Multi Tap + Various other features explained


This is an official video for EchoPad. In this video they walkthrough the Multi Tap feature as well as a lot of the features added in this update.

Music: Life on Mars released! – Music from the iOS community to help save iOS MARS!


Well known ios musician Martin Neuhold organized this compilation in an effort to raise funds to help save iOS MARS. The response was huge! Within one day we’ve been able to put together 2 full albums of music. And it’s really good too! All made on iOS devices! There should be a volume 3 shortly Rock On →

Official: Jam Maestro – Advanced Tab Tips


This is an official tutorial video for Jam Maestro. “Advanced Tab Tips”

Official: Jam Maestro – Guitar Tutorial


This is an official tutorial video of Jam Maestro. “Guitar Tutorial”

Official: Jam Maestro – Tab Playback


This is an official demo video for Jam Maestro. “Tab playback example”

Official: Jam Maestro – How to make a metal song in 5 minutes


This is an official demo for Jam Maestro. “how to make a metal song in 5 minutes”

Campaign: Help save iOS MARS


Total Raised: $1095-$2000 Rewards Any amount Thank you! You name has been added to the “about us” page as a “saviour” $50 Your name (or a name of your choosing) goes in the credits at the end of all further iOS MARS videos.. Also you will get to beta test any app I make in Rock On →

Music: Maria Calfa-De Paul – All I want to do is dance


A great 80’s dance song by Maria Calfa-De Paul. This track won runner up in the Meteor Multitrack recorder contest for 80’s dance “This was a song written specifically for the iPad Musician Contest sponsored by IOS Mars. The concept was to write either a 90’s metal or 80s dance…you can guess which one this Rock On →