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Announcing the Meteor contest winners!

Well it has been a great contest and the winners are in! With a total of 8 entries (3 rock, 5 dance) it was a close contest to say the least. All the entries were really good and some great music got made here. But... alas... Winners have to be chosen! Again, first place receives Meteor Multitrack Recorder and Synergy Studio! The runner-up will be featured in the music section here on iosmars... So, here we go..

90's Rock/Metal

The first place for 90's rock/metal has to go to Nathan Tillett with his hilarious and well done song "Monkey Balls". My god, he sounds so much like Jack Black, it's like JB had written this song for me! 😀

As most of you know, Nathan was paying tribute to my Geo app rage video where I had yelled "monkey balls".. This song was an obvious instant winner!

The runner-up has to go to Frankie May with his Seattle grunge song "Dither".

being in my teens in the 90's i was huge grunge fan. Frankie did a great job of capturing that feel. And i have to say, hearing him sing was a pleasant surprise! Keep up the great work Frankie!

80's pop/dance

This was the hardest contest to judge for sure. After listening over and over i have to give first place to Jesse King with his song "Turn back Time"

The chorus did it for me, it's soo stuck in my head. Great job Jesse!

The runner-up goes to Maria Calfa-De Paul with her song "All I want to do is Dance"

I know Maria really struggled to get this song in on time with her Cubasis app rage. She made it in right before the buzzer and I'm glad she did. This song probably did the best job of capturing the 80's feel. Great job Maria!

Again, thank you so much to everyone who entered. You all did a fantastic job! I wish I could give everyone a prize!

Also another BIG thanks to 4pockets for supplying these amazing apps as the prizes!

Didn't win? Didn't enter? Buy the apps now! :-)
Meteor Multitrack Recorder (AppStore Link) Meteor Multitrack Recorder
Developer: Limelight Software
Rated: 4+
Price: $27.99 Download

Synergy Studio (AppStore Link) Synergy Studio
Developer: Limelight Software
Rated: 4+
Price: $8.49 Download

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