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Music: Nathan Tillett – Monkey Balls

The winner of the Meteor Multitrack Recorder contest 90's rock.

"Come get a taste of "cock-rock" in the spirit of the big-hair, spandex-clad 90's.
Tongue firmly in cheek on this one !

Starting making this as a joke song for the good folks at the iOS musician forum on Facebook but started running into problems. Then along came the iOS MARS 90s metal competition and it gave me a kick up the arse to get it finished, here it is..."

"Monkey Balls"

Every day, life can make you curse
When things progress from bad to worse
When you bash your head, or stub your toe (oooooooh...Owie !)
You need a way to let it go

So what do you say ?

Monkey balls !
Yeah monkey balls !
Shiny blue monkey balls
M m m monkey balls
Monkey Balls !!!

Now every day, life can kick your nuts
You need a way to spill your guts
So waddya say ..."Oh deary me ?"
That's just not my cup o' tea...(well I am British you know)

You scream
Monkey balls !
Yeah monkey balls !
Pink fuzzy monkey balls
M m m monkey balls
Monkey Balls !!!

Apps used:

JamUp Pro (AppStore Link) JamUp Pro
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+5
Price: $13.99 Download

AmpliTube for iPad (AppStore Link) AmpliTube for iPad
Developer: IK Multimedia US, LLC
Rated: 4+3
Price: $13.99 Download

GarageBand (AppStore Link) GarageBand
Developer: Apple Canada, Inc.
Rated: 4+4
Price: Free Download

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