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Campaign: Help save iOS MARS

Total Raised:


Any amount
Thank you! You name has been added to the "about us" page as a "saviour"

Your name (or a name of your choosing) goes in the credits at the end of all further iOS MARS videos.. Also you will get to beta test any app I make in the future, when they are ready.

Users: Free unlimited file hosting (ftp) for life (great for audioshare!)
Developers: 4 months free advertising

Users: Free subdomain, your own website for life (
Developers: 1 year free advertising

$1000 worth of graphic design. I am your graphic designer for 100 hours. Graphics, logos, web design, photo edit, app graphics, etc...

Users: You are now an editor of iOS MARS. Make your own posts on iOS MARS
Developers: Free advertising slot for life

Users: You are the majority shareholder of ios mars. You will know all i know, make decisions, get promo codes, have an email, have control over users and social media.
Developers: 2 free advertising slots + a side panel advertisement for life

You just bought iOS MARS and all it's social media sites! Shut it down, change the name, do nothing... It's all yours! All accounts will be transferred to you.

There comes a time when everyone has to swallow their pride and ask for help. For iOS MARS, that time is now. The lease on the ios mars office, where I live, is up and I'm asking for the fans and developers help to make sure the site doesn't die and make sure the app i'm developing continues to get developed. Right now I am looking at putting everything in storage and couch surfing, doing that will pretty much destroy iOS MARS and put the app progress on hold for a long time.

So you may be asking, how did this happen? Well my former room mate had the government paying our rent in full. I was told the lease was up in December and we had plenty of time to take care of this.. Turns out there was a miscommunication between the land lord and my room mate and the lease is up now. With no cash saved and no family it's put me in a really tough spot. The roommate is moving out and I am left to try to find a solution.

Since december I have made about 100 videos. I have helped many users and developers. So I'm turning to all of you in this time of need. If even 5% of the active users donated $10 a piece then iOS MARS will be saved. Instead of just asking for a hand out with the only upside will be iOS MARS continuing on I've included a bunch of rewards based on donation size. This way, it is as if you are buying yourself something and helping iOS MARS at the same time.

About Rewards:
Rewards are my way of offering you something for your donation. For each reward category you reach you will also receive all of the rewards for the previous categories as well. For example, a donation of $200 would get you A free subdomain, free unlimited file hosting (ftp), your name in the end credits of future ios mars videos, be a beta tester, and your name in the "about us" section. In the unlikely event that a $5000 donation is made.. all other donators will be offered their donation back! This is because obviously i will have no control over the site after that and can't keep up the promised reward. The separation between user and admin rewards is only to better suit you, if a developer would rather have the user reward or vice versus that is all good.

Why is $2000 the total?
In order to renew the lease we'll need first and last months rent $1700. I thought shooting for an even $2000 would round it off nicely and give me a little cash to put back into iosmars.

Why not use KickStarter?
KickStarter asks for a drivers licence and/or a passport to run a campaign. Since I don't drive and haven't been outside of Canada since you didn't need a passport, I couldn't start one quick enough.

How do I collect my reward?
Rewards will begin the minute the donation has been made. If the donation is $50 or more, email me afterwards. For Donations of $1000 or more, please email before donating.

What does "for life" mean?
"for life" means what it sounds like it means. The reward continues on until I die, you die, or something destroys the internet or iOS music. Thus, a long, long time.

Why should I help?
Well, that is completely up to you. Help because it will make you feel good. Help because I've helped you. Help because my videos have gotten your app plenty of sales. Help because you want that reward. Help because you know what it's like to need help.

Why ask us? What are you doing?
This has happened very unexpectedly and there is little to no time to fix it on my own. I have put many of my valuables for sale on the internet as well as beginning to find a day job. With no rent to pay, scraping by on graphic design was working fine, things have to change now. Having no relatives means no back-up, so I'm turning to you.

What happens if I donate and the goal isn't met?
If we can't make our goal with the donations and proceeds from selling my personal belongings and iOS MARS is going to die, all donations above $20 will be offered back to you. The remaining will go to keeping iOS MARS online as long as possible, even if i can't continue to add to it.

Donate now!

Thank you very much for at least taking the time to read this over. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Ryan Hemeon

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