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Music: Life on Mars released! – Music from the iOS community to help save iOS MARS!

Well known ios musician Martin Neuhold organized this compilation in an effort to raise funds to help save iOS MARS. The response was huge! Within one day we've been able to put together 2 full albums of music. And it's really good too! All made on iOS devices! There should be a volume 3 shortly as well.

Thank you so much to all the amazing artists who donated songs for this. And big thanks to Martin Neuhold and Clif Johnston who did all the work in putting this together, and so quickly!

The songs are all free to listen to. If you really like them and/or want to help me out, you can buy the volumes for $10 (canadian dollars) a piece or $1 per song. I have left it open ended so if you feel like you want to pay a bit more then you absolutely can!

Here is a preview of volume 1&2, for more please visit the bandcamp page **for some reason volume 1 won't embed, please use the link! Sorry!

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Any funds raised through this will be added to the total on the campaign page

Again, Thank you so much to everyone who has helped! It's been day 3 now and if we can keep up the pace iOS MARS is sure to be saved! Awesome!

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