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Tips for iOS 7 and music apps

This was posted by Holderness Media (Echo Pad) earlier today. Great info.

For those updating to iOS 7, be aware there is currently a bug that affects all apps that record/process live audio input, including Echo Pad, Audiobus, and many others. Thankfully it happens much less frequently on the iPad, and it is pretty easy to workaround when the bug occurs. The steps to fix the problem when it happens are listed below.

The bug occurs when receiving a phone call or an alarm clock alert that temporarily shuts down audio.
After the phone call or alert is dismissed, audio apps cannot recover their audio session and will either hang indefinitely, crash, or present an error message depending on the app.

The bug typically only occurs when using headphones plugged into the iOS device, and does not seem to happen when using USB audio interfaces or the built in device speaker.

Normally, once the phone call or alert is finished and dismissed, audio apps will resume playback.

This is a bug with iOS 7.0 and there is currently no solution that audio app developers could have implemented to fix it, Apple has been made aware of the bug and we are waiting for them to correct this in an update.

Here is a great article from Discchord with more info on the subject.

More articles:

Bottom line - If you perform live and/or need rock solid stability with your iOS device and audio apps, you should probably hold off for a little while until you are sure that all your critical apps are compatible AND stable with iOS 7. Considering Apple has already released 7.0.1 with bugfixes for the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, I don't think we'll have to wait very long until they address the audio related bugs. I could be wrong of course, so don't quote me on that, haha.

I'd like to note that I've been using iOS 7 for weeks on my iPad 2 and iPhone 5, and although this bug is a bit of a pain in the ass, it hasn't been a show stopper for me.

I know this may sound polarizing as I just warned about this big bug with iOS 7, but I always get really excited about new OS updates, I update my devices way before it's considered "safe", and just deal with the rough edges for a few days/weeks. I actually really like iOS 7 and am very excited about the progress of the iOS platform for audio. Once these few audio related bugs are ironed out in the next couple of updates from Apple, I would definitely recommend updating.

Now, for the more adventurous who have already updated to iOS 7 (myself included as I'm not performing live at the moment), here is how to correct the bug when it occurs.

Solution to get audio apps working again if/when the bug occurs:

1. Once the interruption happens and your app(s) are no longer responsive, don't panic, and don't waste time complaining online. It's easy to get things working again.

2. Quit Echo Pad and/or any other audio apps you were running COMPLETELY by removing them from the multi-task bar. Simply closing and re-opening the app without removing it from the multi-task bar is not enough, and will not recover the audio. Removing apps from the multi-task bar is a little different on iOS 7 than it is on previous versions of iOS. See step 3.

3. To remove an app from the multi-task bar in iOS 7, double tap the home button or use the 4-finger swipe up gesture to display multi-tasking.

4. With one finger, swipe up on the app's window to remove it from the multi-task bar. The app's window will slide upwards out of view.

5. Once all audio apps have been removed from the multi-task bar, you can now relaunch them and audio will work correctly as before.

Also, if you have updated or are planning to update to iOS 7, please make sure to update to the latest version of Echo Pad, version 1.4.9.

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