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Campaign Unsuccessful – The Aftermath

Hey all,

First off I'd like to say sorry to everyone for being offline for a week or so... I had my internet shut off on the 25th and I had to come to Starbucks today to use the wifi so I could fix some things up on the site and make this post. I could see from your perspective it may have seemed like I asked for donations, then fucked off with them. Just letting everyone know that is not the case at all.

Now a HUGE thank you to everyone who donated cash, bought the albums, or donated a song. It really made me feel good and even though the campaign did not succeed some really good stuff came out of it. Also a huge thank you to Martin Neuhold and Clif Johnston who did all the organizing for the albums. You all are really really great people for helping me when you didn't have to.

Soooo.... To catch you all up on where I am and what exactly happened. Basically I lost my old house and with it about 90% of my belongings. I have moved into a tiny bedroom I found for rent. It's basically the size of a storage closet. It cost me almost all the donated money to move in there. It's a HUGE rip off but i didn't have much choice. I managed to keep all my musical instruments, my computers, my desk and a few boxes of nick nacks... That's all! I don't even have a bed, not that it matters, I couldn't fit one in here anyways. Anyhow, The biggest hit to my morale was that I had to give my cats up until I find a better place. It's REALLY REALLY hard to go without my fury friends. I love them so much, like my children.

A few people raised above the rest and really dug deep to try to help me out with large donations ($50 or more). Here is a special shout out to each of them.

  • Christian Augustin
  • Christian donated the most money out of everyone helping me cover the damage deposit on my new place. Thank you so much Christian. You rule! Visit Christians website here:

  • Taylor Holliday
  • Taylor is the creator of Audulus and donated a large amount to me. Thank you so much Taylor!

  • Adil Sherwani
  • Adil is the creator of Guitarism. Adil did a lot to help me out during this tough time.. He donated cash, gave me guitarism pay early as well as setting up a day when all guitarism proceeds went to myself and Smite Matter. Thank you so much Adil, I love you dude!

  • Tim Webb
  • As most of you probably know, Tim is the owner of Discchord. Tim helped me out with a large donation as well as sharing on discchord which resulted in raising the majority of donations. Thank You tim! You rock dude!

  • Michael Tyson
  • Michael is one of the two people who created Audiobus. Michael donated a nice amount to me. Thank you so much Michael!

  • Tracy Muir
  • Tracy is the creator of Meteor Multitrack recorder as well as some other great apps such as StompBox and Synergy Studio. Thank you so much Tracy. Really appreciate it!

  • Joe Filburn
  • I do not know Joe. Thank you Joe! Very nice!

  • Brian Sable
  • I do not know Brian. Thank you Brian. Awesome!

  • Muhammed Malik
  • I do not know Muhammed. Thank you so much Muhammed! Super cool!

    And once again thanks to EVERYONE who did anything at all to help me! Most of you are listed on the "about us" page. And for those who wished me to fail, you know who you are, You got your wish, now good luck dealing with that karma! Sorry to write that, but some people were down right asshole-ish about this whole thing and did their best to work against me on this.

    Anyhow.. Where i am right now with losing most of my stuff, not having my cats, no internet and being crammed into this tiny room it's pretty tough to continue with the video making, and staying up on ios music. I still haven't even had the chance to try to figure out IAA. So i will do my best to try to get back into this for you all and start making some videos again. I won't lie to you guys though, this all has been extremely depressing and I am very unmotivated at the moment. Hopefully things will start to look up soon.

    Now even though I still technically need help from you all.. I'm going to refer you guys to my good friend David (Smite Matter) who is also in desperate need of your help and still has a chance to be okay. David is an absolutely great guy who I feel very close to. We seem to have a lot of the same life problems and look at things the same way. So please if you can afford it, PLEASE send some cash over to Smite Matter. Here is his post with the details: So please, if you feel like you want to help me, please help him instead as he still has a fighting chance!

    Thank you so much everyone, if you feel like you want your donation back because of the failure then please contact me and I will do my best to get it back to you.

    -Ryan Hemeon

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