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I am back! (sort of)

Hey everyone,

Well, I am not going to lie, It's been a very tough few months but things are finally starting to get a bit better. :-) I get a full paycheque next week that should solve the remainder of my problems, I hope! I also managed to pay my next door neighbor to use their wifi. It only works on one side of my room, it's slow and disconnects a lot. But hey, whatever atleast I have the net at home now and can make posts and soon some more videos.

It's really weird how you can go without seeing someone for years and not much changes with them but I go two and a half or three months wihout internet and sooo much has changed and is new with iPad music that I feel like i don't know it at all anymore. LOL Obviously I will get back into things now and I'll be making videos again in no time. I'm hoping to get my hands on the new BIAS shortly and start with that. Looks sooo freakin cool. lol :-)

Anyhow, unlike before, I now have a full time job as well as an unhealthy addiction to Skyrim going on. LOL! so I don't have nearly as much time as i did previously for ios music. But no way that'll stop me. Just going to be around less, like a normal person. LOL so that is where the "sort of" comes from.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the support during my time away. You guys have been soooooo awesome! And my appologies to the new users who have been messaging me for help and I did not reply. I am sure most of you just didn't know my situation and thought I was being a jerk and ignoring you, soooo not the case.. Just unable to help! I am around enough to start helping properly again so shoot me a message if you need me! :-)


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