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Monthly Archives: May 2014

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Big updates from midiSequencer and TF7


While there has been a bit of a lull in new iOS music apps being released (Oscilab being a notable exception), there have been two great new updates to two solid apps. The step sequencer midiSequencer by Tony Saunders was just updated to version 1.6, and with it brings the first in-app purchase (IAP) to Rock On →

Oscilab review – A new sequencer/groovebox from 2beat


There have been some great all-in-one sequencers to hit the App Store in recent months. Cotracks, Caustic and KORG Gadget instantly come to mind. These apps provide you with the tools to create an entire track (or album) all within one app. While there are some obvious differences with regards to depth, usability, and sounds, Rock On →

Chord Organ and Kinderklavier review – Two retro apps from SMG


Lately it seems, in the world of iOS music apps, the motto has become “bigger is better”. Korg Gadget boasts 15 synths, Thor ships with over 1,000 presets, and Z3TA+ comes equipped with 6 oscillators and 6 LFO’s. But Chord Organ and Kinderklavier, two apps from SMG Media, go the opposite way. These apps are Rock On →

Voco gets an update – Audiobus, Audiocopy and Universal


Recently I wrote about an update to Strange Attractor from Jonathan Mackenzie. That update brought Audiobus compatibility, AudioCopy and Universal functionality. Thankfully, Jonathan has just updated Voco, another one of his apps. The updates are similar to the Strange Attractor updates, and may make Voco a viable option for your workflow. Voco is described as Rock On →

The Big iOS Music App List page has been updated!


Just a quick update to let everyone know that the Big iOS Music App List has been updated. You should be able to find all the iOS synths, drum machines, effects, and sequencers apps that you could ever want linked on these pages. But, if there is an app that you do not find there, Rock On →

Modal Pro review- New modular synthesizer from dango Inc.


If you’re like me, the world of modular synthesis is a strange, mysterious world. Admittedly, as a guitarist, I know more about UFO’s than LFO’s. If someone mentions “sine”, I immediately think about high school trigonometry classes. Since coming to the world of iOS music apps, I’ve amassed a considerable number of virtual synths. And Rock On →

Sequence by Incident – Fun little free app


Recently Incident Technologies released a free iPhone app called Sequence by Incident. It’s a simple sequencer, allowing you to use up to 5 instruments at one time. Within those lanes, you can create 4 separate patterns, so there is some room for creativity. The app comes with 15 instruments, which center mostly around percussion (drums, Rock On →

BIG updates coming – Cubasis, ThumbJam and DrumJam


Next week looks to be a BIG week of app updates for iOS musicians. Cubasis has submitted version 1.8 to Apple, which will bring the long-awaited automation to this great DAW. If all goes well, the developer Steinberg states that the update should go live on March 21st. And if that wasn’t enough, both ThumbJam and Rock On →

Track tuesday playlist (05/13/2014)


Over at the iPad Musician facebook group, Emily Needs (check their great album out here: asked the members to post the track they’re most proud of.  Matthew Caldwell compiled all submitted tracks into a soundcloud playlist. This playlist shows how much talent can be found in the iOS music scene. Listen to it, you’ll discover Rock On →

10 theses on the future of the music business


A few weeks ago, we had a discussion in the iPad Musician facebook group about the chances to “make it” as a musician. Thoughts about that subject kept spinning in my head. To stop them spinning I wrote them down. This is my opinion, and I’d be very interested in YOUR opinion. I see my Rock On →