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birdStepper – A great new effects app from birdSound

birdSound music has recently released a great new effects app called birdStepper. The app features 8 different effects, which can be tweaked to create some subtle delay or chorus, all the way to some insane wobble or pitch shifting madness. The effects can be applied by using a time-synced automation, by drawing curves based on the effect parameters.

birdStepper is Audiobus compatible, and works great with not only guitars, but synths, drums and vocals as well. The app also launched with Audiobus 2's 'state saving' feature, which allows you to save and share your custom presets. The MIDI clock sync has recently been updated to work extremely well with other iOS apps, such as Cubasis and Auria.

The developer of birdStepper, Travis Henspeter, has put a lot of effort into this app, and has worked very closely with the iOS music community in incorporating feedback. Travis has created several demo and tutorial videos to show some of the possibilities of the app.

As a guitarist at heart, I've had a blast playing with birdStepper. While "subtle" may not be its strong suit, it is capable of bringing some wild sounds into your mix. You can get some real sweet Dimebag Darrell/Tom Morello Whammy pedal leads with the pitch shift effect. You can use a combination of 8 effects, and tweak the parameters within each of these, to really shape your sound.

There are some presets included with birdStepper. Below, I've run a clean guitar through the "Fuzz + Chorus" preset.

I've also run a simple pattern from DM-1 through some of the birdStepper presets. Please note that I was switching between presets "on-the-fly", so any rhythmic variations are due to my poor timing, and not the app. I've included the "dry" sound for the first two measures, then kicked in the birdStepper presets.

In summary, this is a great app to add to your arsenal of effects apps, even if you already own some (or all) of the AUFX (Dub, Space) or Holderness Media (Echo Pad, Swoopster, Crystalline) apps. birdStepper provides some neat sequence-based effect options, and will clearly be the yellowest app that you own.

[app 818699197]

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