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New IOS musicians forum

A new iOS forum has recently been created by a couple of iOS musicians, looking to fill a void in the existing landscape. The iOS Musicians Resource Forum was created by Jeff Pester and Conor Teahan, as a place for iOS musicians to share advice, documentation and tutorials, and otherwise just chat.

If you are a member of the iPad Musician group on Facebook, you know that we have a wealth of information shared among users. Sometimes, too much info. Posts come fast and furious in that group, and tend towards new app releases, price drops, and app updates. Topics like workflow advice, tips & tricks, and user manuals can quickly get buried in the flood of comments. And anyone who has ever tried to search for topics in Facebook can attest to the difficulty of that task (impossible to do on the Facebook app).

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And this is where the iOS Musicians Resource Forum comes in. The site is in a typical Internet forum format, with topics ranging from tutorials, user manuals, music theory and other music-related resources. The site is a great warehouse for documentation, and looks to improve as it grows.

That's where you come in. Hop on over to the site, register, and join in to the discussions. The site is growing daily, and is well worth a daily visit.

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