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Let me introduce myself…

Hi everyone...:)

So, I'm new here. And though some of you have seen me before, on the iPad Musician group or on the page or in the apptronica magazine, I thought some words to introduce myself and about my plans and vision would be helpful.

I'm 42 years old, live in Germany (forgive me mistakes in my English) and have been a musician for far more than 20 years now. I discovered iOS with an used iPod 3 and nanostudio and switched to an iPad a few months later. So far I've released 3 solo albums (2 of them on apptronica) with chillout, downtempo music. Apart from that, I'm a member of Celtic-Prog Band Dun Aenghus and the musician collective "Whatever The Majority Decides". So much for me.

The reason I'm here is, that almost everday I'm listening to a lot of great music from YOU out there, on soundcloud, bandcamp etc. There's a lot of talent around that deserves attention, being talked about and featured on a music blog. And as this here is one of the main go-to blogs for iOS music, this is the right place for that.

But: I need your help. I need musicians that are willing to tell something about their music, their story, about their workflows, etc. I need something to write about. :)

So, if you want to be featured on this site, with a short interview, a review of your newest album, your video showing what you can do with apps, please contact me via

Let's make this a place not only to showcase the power of iOS music apps but to showcase the power, talent and creativity of iOS musicians, too. I'm looking forward to that experience and to be in contact with YOU.

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