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iOS Music gets some airplay in Norway

Guy Beeri Mauseth, iOS musician and Bass player, well known for his membership in Rude Duke, Dun Aenghus, Whatever The Majority Decides and various other projects and participations, will  make an appearance today at "The Monday Live Radio Broadcast" at the Narvik Studentradio channel. Topic for todays braodcasting is music by Supersonic Tartan Death Machine, Dun Aenghus, Rude Duke. Also, Whatever The Majority Decides, a collective of some of the best iOS musicians will release TODAY on the air a new song: Across The Ocean.
Follow the radio live broadcasting (16:00 Roma, Oslo, Paris time zone, 10:00 New York time zone, 07.00 Los Angeles timezone) at 94.1Mhz (Narvik, Norway) or at:

If you miss today's show you can download it soon here:

Don't miss it!


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