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Strange Attractor gets an update – Audiobus, AudioCopy and Universal

Strange Attractor was originally released in 2012, and received some buzz due to the "novel" nature of its sound. But unfortunately, the app was limited by lack of input options. So, as with many promising apps (I'm looking at you, Borderlands Granular), this app seemed like a "not quite yet" app.

Thankfully, a recent update has opened the app up for use in Audiobus (input and effects slots) and Audiocopy, and also is now available on your iPhone (Universal app).

The interface is very simple, with everything contained on one screen. On the left, you have options for two oscillators, and two FX presets. Moving your finger across the X/Y axis will change the sounds by altering the feedback loop, and the character of the oscillations. It's tough to describe, but watching the video may help you see the effects of manipulating the app.

Below is a demo video from Jonathan Mackenzie, developer of Strange Attractor. Please note that this video is from 2012, but it gives you a good idea about what this app is all about.

As a big fan of "noise" apps, I was immediately drawn to Strange Attractor. I've quite enjoyed using TC-11, Noisemusik, DR-OM, and Droneo in my songs, so I anticipated that Strange Attractor would fit right into that category.

Strange Attractor can be used in both the input and effects slots in Audiobus, and these yield different results. When using the app as an input, and dropping Echo Pad into the effects slot, the self-oscillations created a drone effect, aided by the delay preset I was using in Echo Pad. When I used Animoog in the input, and used Strange Attractor in the effects slot, the oscillator in SA gave the notes in Animoog some wild variations, that sometimes went off into Crazy Town.

I had a lot of fun playing with this app, but admittedly it is not for everyone. Many of my tracks venture into the ambient/drone/noise territory, and Strange Attractor will be a great paint brush in that respect. You will not write your next symphony using Strange Attractor, nor will you likely find much use for it on your next death metal track. It is definitely a boutique app. There is an element of chaos inherent in the app that may turn some people off. Personally, that is what I enjoyed most about Strange Attractor. I spent hours trying different configurations, both as an input and effect, using different apps. Not all worked, but the exploration was a fantastic journey. The visualizations are quite the treat to watch as well.

If you're in the mood for something well off the beaten path, and you're tired of buying "another synth", Strange Attractor might be worth a look.

Strange Attractor (AppStore Link) Strange Attractor
Developer: Jonathan Mackenzie
Rated: 4+
Price: $6.99 Download

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