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Sequence by Incident – Fun little free app

Recently Incident Technologies released a free iPhone app called Sequence by Incident. It's a simple sequencer, allowing you to use up to 5 instruments at one time. Within those lanes, you can create 4 separate patterns, so there is some room for creativity. The app comes with 15 instruments, which center mostly around percussion (drums, 808, etc.) or melodic instruments (piano, violin, guitar, etc.) These sounds are OK, but not great. One nice touch that is a bit unexpected in a free app is the ability to create your own custom sounds using the microphone. It's done quite well, with an easy trim function included.

Sequence feels like a stripped-down version of RealBeat, which is expected, given its free price tag. The notes are limited to one key, so you won't be writing any concertos here. There's no Audiobus, IAA or even AudioCopy, and the export options are limited to e-mail, SMS, or SoundCloud export. But, it is very intuitive to get around the app, adding instruments and notes is a breeze, and it doesn't take long to put together a catchy little tune.

Incident Technologies is also the company behind the gTar, which Matt Eisner from Incident tells me is compatible with any core MIDI iOS apps.

In summary, this would be a nice app to pick up to have a play with, but keep your expectations in check. I played around with it with my young daughters, and they enjoyed it, and figured out the note grid in no time. Hey, it's free! Give it a look.

Sequence by Incident (AppStore Link) Sequence by Incident
Developer: Incident Technologies Inc.
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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