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Voco gets an update – Audiobus, Audiocopy and Universal

Recently I wrote about an update to Strange Attractor from Jonathan Mackenzie. That update brought Audiobus compatibility, AudioCopy and Universal functionality.

Thankfully, Jonathan has just updated Voco, another one of his apps. The updates are similar to the Strange Attractor updates, and may make Voco a viable option for your workflow.

Voco is described as a "touch controlled phase vocoder". While the term vocoder may bring visions of robot voices to your head, that's not exactly what Voco does. Voco can manipulate your sounds by using the touch interface to speed up or slow down the sound, or raise or lower the pitch. This is all done very easily based on the X/Y interface, but can done in several different ways.

There are three options on how to manipulate the playing point - Release, Hold, or Glide. In Release mode, sounds are made by holding your finger on the surface. When you raise your finger, the sound stops playing. In Hold mode, the sound will continue playing after you've removed your finger. Glide mode was my favorite for sonic experimentation. In this mode, you can "flick" the playing point in a straight line, at any speed or in any direction, and the point will continue in a straight line until it hits the "wall", at which time it bounces straight back. This was great for creating a forward and reverse sound loop.

While time is represented on the X axis, pitch is represented on the Y axis. Here is where you can get some devilishly low pitched vocals, or raise the pitch to chipmunk-like levels. Pitch can be constrained in three different ways. Continuous mode is free pitch, where pentatonic and chromatic will assign the pitch to scale, based on the position on the Y axis.

Admittedly I'm a sucker for an app that provides options to absolutely mangle sounds. Voco fits perfectly into this category. I made a simple demo, manipulating an old TV commercial with Voco.

Voco isn't just for vocal manipulation, as I was able to get some real nice sounds from piano and drum tracks as well. Voco lends itself towards experimentation. If you like to add non-traditional sounds to your mix, Voco is worth a look. The app is easy to use, works great with AudioCopy and Audiobus, and was a lot of fun.

Voco (AppStore Link) Voco
Developer: Jonathan Mackenzie
Rated: 4+
Price: $6.99 Download

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