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Big updates from midiSequencer and TF7

While there has been a bit of a lull in new iOS music apps being released (Oscilab being a notable exception), there have been two great new updates to two solid apps.

The step sequencer midiSequencer by Tony Saunders was just updated to version 1.6, and with it brings the first in-app purchase (IAP) to the app. This update brings Audiobus compatibility to midiSequencer, which is nice in that it allows you to use the Audiobus transport panel to control some of midiSequencer's functions. Tony has also brought some other great enhancements, such as a cool repeat step function, which allows you to repeat one step x2, x3, or x4.


 Main interface screen

The IAP adds the options of chords and added notes per step. This opens midiSequencer up wide to creative options. The IAP is very reasonably priced ($1.99 USD), and is highly recommended.

screen480x480 (1)

Options available with IAP

List of updates in Version 1.6


  • Chords and Added notes per step. Each step can now have up to 127 additional notes, each one can be adjusted for loudness and length relative to step note.
  • Choose from easy pick chords to which you can freely add or remove Added notes or even invert them in the chords.
  • Convert any additional note to the step note - all additional notes will then be relative to this new step note.


  • Audiobus 2 supported with remote stop/start, goto step1, enable/disable record midi in & midi out.
  • Option to have one-touch load in performance panel (settings option)
  • Rewritten key scale picker. Added Major/Minor Pentatonic and Wholetone (C,Db).
  • Midi CC32 will change snapshot 1..20 (with enable/disable in Options). Works with cycle to enable synchronisation to cycle reset.
  • Mute buttons on front screen for all 16 steps (skip button x or Rx also mutes).
  • Steps can be forced to chromatic scale to allow foreign notes in scales. Label shown in yellow.
  • Ability to send midi CC's only (notes muted) for CC automation over keyboard play.
  • Can use control increment/decrement buttons with linked controls to increment/decrement all 16 controls new ornament ratchet - 6 added (step sub-divided by
  • six)
  • Repeat step (x2,x3,x4) - like Intellijel Metropolis. Works with muted steps, cycle & bounce too.
  • Keypad entry for tempo.
  • Bug fixes
  • Note names for invert key are now always chromatic
  • rather than scale
  • Cycle button state no longer saved/loaded with
  • snapshot.
  • Modified all rotary controls to follow touch to make selection easier. Snap to start/end values.
  • Midi Start was continuing rather than resetting to step 1. Two or more midi stops now reset to step 1.
  • Midi clock/start/stop/continue as midi in not disabled by front panel record-in button (which affects notes & cc's only)
  • Truncate long device names (e.g. iConnect2 + iCM2 ...)

It should be noted that there is a free version of midiSequencer to try as well. If you're in the market for a step sequencer, midiSequencer is a great place to start. Immediately usable, not overwhelming (I'm looking at you, Thesys), but surprisingly deep. And the developer Tony Saunders is actively involved in the iOS Musicians community, taking suggestions for further enhancements.

midiSequencer (AppStore Link) midiSequencer
Developer: anthony saunders
Rated: 4+
Price: $3.99 Download
midiSequencerLite (AppStore Link) midiSequencerLite
Developer: anthony saunders
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download


The FM synth TF7 by Tenacious Frog also received a nice update this week to Version 1.40, with the addition of Inter-App Audio (IAA), new selectable scales, and a few other nice enhancements. But perhaps the most exciting update is the option of an additional IAP, which adds 32 new FM algorithms, and 3 new effects.


Main interface screen. Playing pads can be expanded full-screen

TF7 is a free app, so there is absolutely no reason that you should not have this on your iPad. Go download it now, I'll wait until you get back. Okay, there are several great IAP's available in TF7, all very reasonably priced as well. Please note that in order to use the new IAP, you will need to already own the Pro Upgrade, and be on an iPad 3 or higher. This was already considered to be one of the best FM synths available, and the developer Pier Lim has done amazing things with these updates.

List of updates for Version 1.40

  • New IAP Expanded Algorithms bringing 6-operator FM synthesis to the iPad : 32 New FM Algorithms and 3 New Effects (Reverse Delay, Ring Modulator and Maelstrom Filter)
  • Selectable scales for the TF7 Keypad (Pentatonic, Blues ,Japanese, Minor, Mode scales and more)
  • Inter-app Audio : Use TF7 as an instrument in Cubasis and other DAWs. Freeze your TF7 track in Cubasis to save CPU!
  • Press the Keypad lock button in full screen mode to access the preset selector at the bottom of the screen.
  • Directly modify modulation values by pressing on the number itself for fine modulation adjustments


  • TF7 now syncs with Cubasis MIDI Clock
  • Improved reliability of TF7 keypad
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
TF7 Synth (AppStore Link) TF7 Synth
Developer: Pier Lim
Rated: 4+2.5
Price: Free Download


If you have an urge to burn some iTunes credits, but either own every app out there, or just like to support some quality developers, these new IAP updates to midiSequencer and TF7 are a great way to take your creative possibilities to new levels.

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