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Borderlands Granular review…and a few details on Version 2


When I first saw the demo video for Borderlands Granular in 2012, my jaw hit the floor. My first thought was “THIS is what making music on an iPad should be”. The sounds were just right, and the app seemed to unlock the potential of the iPad’s interface. But…there was just that one thing. As Rock On →

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer review – Great app for practicing rhythm


And now for something completely different… Here at iOS MARS, we usually review music-making apps. Be it synths, sequencers, drum machines, or guitar sims, most of our reviews feature apps that help in creating a song. But Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer by Rolfs Apps does none of that. No Audiobus, no IAA, no Audio Copy. Rock On →

Mitosynth review – The new synth from Wooji Juice has arrived

Mitosynth icon 1024x1024

There has been a great deal of anticipation for Wooji Juice’s new synth, Mitosynth. I’ve had the chance to test-drive it for the last few days, and I can say that it has been worth the wait. Mitosynth is a hybrid additive/wavetable synth, and is meant for sonic manipulation. Much like another Wooji Juice synth, Rock On →

TC-Data – A MIDI and OSC controller…from the future


Bit Shape has released a new app called TC-Data, which is a fully programmable MIDI and OSC controller. If you are familiar with TC-11, this app will look very familiar. A couple of things to get out of the way: TC-Data is a controller, and makes no sounds of its own. It is not a Rock On →

WorldScales review – An instrument that breaks free of equal tempered scales


In the world of iOS music apps, there are many keyboard-based apps to choose from. Many of these piano emulations and synths offer a wide range of scales. But, even with all of these choices, almost all of these are locked into the “Western tuning”, with no flexibility for including micro-tonality. WorldScales from Kelfar Technologies allows you to Rock On →

The Works – Bones Live


Hey All, Here is an amazing live video made on iPad! This video comes from “The Works” and is just a beautiful piece of art across the board. Just so you know, this is infact live and was not added afterwards. The app impaktor was used to turn the skull taps into music. Fantastic job Rock On →

iOS Musicians favourite iOS Music


My intention when volunteering for writing here was to present some of the brilliant music iOS artists publish. To get things going (after being on holiday) I asked the musicians at the iPad Musician facebook group, which tracks impressed them the most. Here are some of the answers: The most mentioned tracks was “Zombie Orkestra” by Rock On →

HarmonyWiz review – New app from Jordan Rudess


Wizdom Music, the developers behind SampleWiz, SpaceWiz, MorphWiz, and Geo Synthesizer among others, have just released their newest app, HarmonyWiz. Harmony Wiz is a “harmonic generator”, that builds entire multi-part accompaniments by way of several input options. The stated aim of this app is to provide an app that is both “entertaining and fun for all Rock On →

Final Touch review – Mastering app from Positive Grid


Positive Grid has been involved in iOS music apps for a while now, with the emphasis up until now being on guitar-based apps. JamUp is one of the premier guitar effects simulators, and their recent app BIAS was revolutionary in its ability to custom design guitar amps (both apps are highly recommended). But Positive Grid looked Rock On →

JamUp Pro acoustic pack sound demo


In this video I do a quick demo of some of the new effects and amps in Positive Grid’s Jamup Pro. I use guitarism and audiobus to record the results in Audioshare for a higher quality sound. I cover the Acoustic Imaging Amp, the Acoustic EQ pedal, The Acoustic Reverb Pedal, and the Vintage Delay Rock On →