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Sequential for iPad – Step sequenced effect processor

Earlier this year, Sinevibes ported over their multi-effects sequencer Sequential to the iPad. Sequential features an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to choose from 11 effects to be applied to your loops. The obvious use for this would be for drum loops, but as I'll show you below, it can also be used on toned instruments as well.

The main (and only) interface screen gives you a 16-step grid, moving in the typical left-to-right fashion. At each step, you can select among effects such as flanger, resonator, LPF, HPF, bit crusher, and some unique effects such as wave transformer and circuit bender, among others.


16-step sequencer. What you see is what you get (and this is good).

The layout of Sequential could not be easier to use. Everything you need is all in one screen. The effects are listed vertically on the left, with sliders for each effect to control the amount of each effect. Simply tapping on a dot in the step sequencer in the effect row will apply the effect to that step. You could have probably figured that out in the time it took you to read that last sentence. One point that may be an issue for some is that you can only choose one effect per step. This means that you cannot layer multiple effects per step (more on that later, though).

You can also save up to 8 separate patterns, so you can switch between different loops.

Sequential does not currently support Audiobus or IAA, but I will say that I had no issues with getting audio in and out of Sequential. The 'open-in' feature works great with Sequential. For my demos, I relied heavily on Audioshare, which in my opinion is a "must-have" app for iOS musicians.

For the drum demo below, I created a loop in DrumJam. Using the record feature in DrumJam, I simply recorded a loop and used the 'open-in' Sequential to immediately open the loop. Could not have been easier. From there, I added some effects, and recorded the demo below. What you are hearing is the "original" DrumJam loop first, and then with added Sequential effects. Once recorded in Sequential, I used the "copy" feature to simply paste into Audioshare, and upload to SoundCloud. You could of course paste into your favorite DAW as well.

But, admittedly I am a fan of strange sounds. So, for the next demo, I recorded a simple synth part in the excellent sequencer app Xynthesizr, and recorded the part within Xynthesizr. From there, I was able to copy/paste the part into Sequential with zero hassle. A nice discovery within Sequential is the option to reverse the sounds, which always brings a smile to my face. Since I couldn't resist, I played the original part through once here for reference, and then reversed the sounds and added some effects from Sequential. While it may not be pretty, it certainly shows the possibilities that Sequential offers.

There are features within Sequential that I haven't really touched on so far. There is a randomize feature that may help spur some creative moments. You can choose between normal timing and triplet, and add some shuffle as well. One really neat feature is that you can record your effects within Sequential, and then re-record on top of that recording, to essentially overdub effects. This will help to record multiple effects per step. Not an ideal solution, but it is possible.

While playing with Sequential over the last week, I experienced zero issues with crashing, bugs, etc. This app is solid, and will not get in the way of your creativity. In chatting with Artemiy Pavlov (the developer), there are some updates on the way. Version 1.0.4 will add a possibility to change the sequence end step (right now it's fixed for 12 or 16 steps), and will also bring in 10 new factory loops. Plans are underway for a "facelift" for version 1.1.

In summary, Sequential for iPad brings a great tool to iOS musicians who are looking for some sequenced effect manipulation. With 11 onboard effects, which can be tweaked to fit your needs, this app provides a great way to break out of simple drum loops, and add some flavor to your sounds.  The app certainly leans toward drum loop manipulation, but I would suggest that this app could also be used by someone looking to add some sequenced filters, flanger, or other gnarly sounds to a loop. The simple user interface makes Sequential easily accessible, and allows musicians to tinker with sonic manipulation in some very interesting ways.

If your thinking about buying Sequential, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

Sequential for iPad (AppStore Link) Sequential for iPad
Developer: Artemiy Pavlov
Rated: 4+2
Price: $6.99 Download

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