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The “Only” Remix Contest


Welcome to The "Only" Remix Contest

What is this contest about?
The guys over at Positive Grid have been nice enough to sponsor this contest by giving their amazing mastering app "Final Touch" away to the winner! The best remix of "Only" by Nine Inch Nails wins "Final Touch" as well as having their remix featured in the iOS MARS music section and also posted to twitter and facebook! (details and master tracks below) You are free to remix the song in any way shape or form you can imagine. Completely remake the music, Turn Trent into a girl, make a country song, simply add extra effects, ANYTHING you want! The winner will be picked by us at iOS MARS.

1. ONLY use iOS apps throughout the entire process (file transfer is ok)
2. Make sure to let us know which apps you used to create the remix.
3. One entry per individual please.
4. You must use at least one of the master tracks in your song, segments are fine.
5. The deadline for the contest is 12 midnight (MST), Thursday, June 26th, 2014. No entries accepted after that time.

Where can I get the Master Tracks?
You can download the master tracks from our dropbox. In this link you will find a zip file which contains all the master tracks, you can download and open the zip using the AudioShare app or your PC/MAC. You will also find each track posted separately, you can transfer to your dropbox or open in many different apps. Finally, I have also included a midi version of the song that you can use to figure out keys or program your synths. Leave us a message if you need more help.

Download the "Only" Master Tracks Now.

These are the official Master Tracks for "Only" released by Trent Reznor to the community, they were translated to .wav by Ryan. Please note: there are explicit lyrics in this song.

How do I get started?
First thing you need to know. The BPM for this song is 112. Beyond that it will really depend on what your plan is. I recommend importing all the master tracks into a DAW like BM2, Meteor Multitrack Recorder, Cubasis, Auria, etc... so that the song plays as it sounds on the album. Then starting from there, splicing the Master Tracks and rearranging, adding effects, new instruments, etc... If you are stuck you can always contact us for help.

So, How do I enter?
To enter, upload your song to soundcloud. Then either post in the comments below or email your entry to us at I will add entries to this post as they come in.

Here is the original song and video as performed by Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor).

Want to know more about Final Touch? Check it out on the AppStore now!

Final Touch - Audio Mastering and Post Production (AppStore Link) Final Touch - Audio Mastering and Post Production
Developer: Positive Grid Inc
Rated: 4+4
Price: $27.99 Download

but wait..... There is more!! Here is a before and after using Final Touch by our very own Martin Neuhold!


The guys at Positive Grid also gave us Final Touch to review as well, so look for some new reviews from us right away!

Thank You,
-Ryan Hemeon

in order of submission

1. walkymatt

Made from assorted excerpts of the publicly-released stems, chopped up in AudioShare, twiddled with in Samplr, supplemented by a little extra beat from Drums XD, all layered together in Auria.

2. Michael Wadlow

3. mood481

Remix produced start-to-finish on my iPad Air. Abused apps include AudioShare, SECTOR, Auria, Stereo Designer, Effectrix, Alchemy, and Audio Mastering.

4. EmilyNeeds

Created entirely ios using only Beatmaker2, AudioShare, AudioMastering and drop box. Remix of Nine Inch Nails "Only" track.

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