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Oscilab tracks – New tunes from iOS musicians (and a sneak peak at what’s to come…)

Oscilab was recently released into the world, and has been a big hit so far with iOS musicians. The app from 2beat jumped into the Top 5 paid music apps upon its release, and we are starting to hear some great new tracks being created with it.

When Oscilab debuted their promo video, many prospective users felt that it was very dance-oriented, and even a bit "chiptuney". But the following three tracks show how much more can be achieved with Oscilab (you can still do your club beats if you want...).

Musician Jerry Barry created this demo just recently, and it shows how Oscilab can be used to build a track that slowly builds, adding layers of instruments until the tune reaches an incredible groove. I'm loving this tune, as it has so much going on.

Ted Stahl has been creating several great tracks in Oscilab, and I seriously could not choose which track to include, as Ted has created three unique tracks recently. Each track is different, and all highlight the range that this app has. The track below was created using only sine waves, which resulted in a very lush, rich atmosphere. Be sure to check out his other Oscilab tracks, "Ambient Sway", and "The Droning Lull" for more examples of his great work with Oscilab.

Musician Gareth Farmer ("Carbonate on Mars") has a massive collection of tracks on Soundcloud. One of his recent tracks was created entirely on Oscilab, and has a very mellow, ambient vibe - far from many of the uptempo tunes being created on Oscilab.

In case you missed it, Ryan here at iOS MARS created a tutorial video for Oscilab, which can be seen below. This video is a great overview of the various sections of the app, and shows how easy it is to use.

And yours truly did a quick overview of Oscilab on the day of the launch, which can be read here:

And, according to the developer, Audiobus compatibility is imminent. Version 1.0.1 is currently in testing, and should be submitted to Apple for review soon. Along with Audiobus, this update will bring background audio, as well as a fix to some issues that users with older devices were experiencing when changing scenes. I was able to do some beta testing using Audiobus, and I can say that sending Oscilab through the AUFX and Holderness Media apps (Echo Pad, Crystalline, etc.) make Oscilab sound even richer and deeper than before.

At the time of this writing, Oscilab is still selling at its launch promo pricing of $4.99. If you've had an itch to buy Oscilab, I hope that these tracks have been helpful in understanding what can be achieved with this fun (and impressive) app.

Oscilab (AppStore Link) Oscilab
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