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iOS Musicians favourite iOS Music

My intention when volunteering for writing here was to present some of the brilliant music iOS artists publish. To get things going (after being on holiday) I asked the musicians at the iPad Musician facebook group, which tracks impressed them the most. Here are some of the answers:

The most mentioned tracks was "Zombie Orkestra" by Pierre Balez. As Emily Needs says "This quite simply is stunning. Play after play im still convinced this is performed from some twisted orchestra. Love this". Or James Mark Pray "I want to "2nd" the Zombie Orkestra. I just close my eyes and wait for the different sounds and scapes to take me away to different places. It's a really great track to transport an imaginative listener to the land of escape and bliss." You can find "Zombie Orchestra" here:

Sean Garland mentioned another track by Pierre: "While I would vote for Zombie OrKestra as well, I really love Pierre's other works. His CelliOS series were what made me realize how powerful iOS music could be. And his track is still otherworldly to me:"

Another album that got a lot of love was "Bass Music" by Jesper Jones. As Jakob Haq says "It's got everything from electronic music that I love. Bass, breaks, DnB, Dubstep, even some techno flavours and more. Really fun and uplifting tracks straight through! Great album!". Or Axel Sonnenschein: "Bass Music by Jesper Jones. It sounds BIG, very creative, and the whole album concept is very thought out. Pro stuff!". You can buy "Bass Music" here:

One of the most influential artists is, of course, the pioneer, Smite Matter. Clif Johnson says: "I'll tread carefully, but I have to give props to SmiteMatter (David Israel) for Technopolis Lost, the discovery of which was a motivating factor for so much of what I've done over the past year or so.". You can find "Technopolis Lost" here:"

And, to give you some more stuff to listen to, here are some more statements, including links, from that thread:

Emily Needs: "Derek Buddemeyer "brave new world-homeland" track - fitting off any of the epic saga movies this soundtrack (in a slightly different genre for the named artist) as cinematic written all over it"

Mike Dayton: "I really enjoy the work of Apapdop he has a great sense of framing and arrangement to create maximum impact with out cluttering up the mix.""

Matthew Caldwell: "I'll take the opportunity to wave the flag for this piece of collaborative genius:"

Alex Kelly: "Ian Hisert's Homeworld. It still sounds amazing!"

Kiefer Polaf: "I love the ipolysix set list by iCoyDog. Favourite track is Walk The Talk. ( And a cool album "Tall & Skinny" by Colin Swinney... Favourite track "Parallels" with animated videos too( track is epic and made me realise that music by somebody with a name like Pantsofdeath might actually be good, :) ("

Juergen Nehrlich: "Ok, this album from Richard E Stuart is just fantastic! The best unknown stuff I ever found on Soundcloud! Just rocks like hell, full of brillant original ideas, I really love each track of it!"

Jakob Haq: "When it comes to ambient there are so many people in the group that does some really great stuff. I especially like "Mandala" By Clif Johnston aka "mood 481". One long deeply evolving ambience track. Listening to it makes me feel like floating through an ocean."

Our very own Ryan Hemeon: "I was most impressed by everything Derek Buddemeyer does... But now I think Joey Joel's new album is the most impressive thing I've heard... I literally listen to it every day and it isn't even music I'd normally like.. Can't link you cause it isn't out yet. I also really like Rude Duke... But to give you a link... Nathan Tillett does some amazing stuff too... and my all time favourite... you guessed it, ma-ma-ma-monkey balls!"

Richard E. Stuart: "I will nominate fellow Korg Gadget prolific abuser 'Sinking Feeling' for his album 'Sinking Gadget' stack of tracks and great use of sounds if you like your 'dark wave' music touches on breaks, d&b and industrial."

Jesper Jones: "There is one guy who I think needs a mention here who might be less known, but always puts out pure quality house-tunes: Lee B. Here is a recent summer-night banger:"

Ian Hisert: "I'll add my favorite JinxPadlock track, as it is just mind blowing."

Joey Joel: "It's so hard to pick any one thing in here. I love Derek's stuff and highly respect his involvement in iOS music, I love Pierre's stuff, Mike Wadlow's, Ian Hisert's, (+many more) but, I'd have to say, I'm most impressed with Darren Måxwell McCann's improvement. I've seen a huge advancement in his music."

Christopher David Williams: "Also, I know he rubbed a few people the wrong way but Gabriel Linares turned out some great tracks with Tabletop as VacationLazy"

And, to close the circle, here are Pierre Balez's recommendations: "Whow... thank you, it's moving and an honor... For me, i was impressed by three tracks, not because they are iOS, but because they are very good songs : Emily Needs , Karen Stanton , and Casey Koplin . And, of course, i treasured every new track by Niclas Tamas : and the same for Derek Buddemeyer :"

Here you have an impressive list of tunes that show the power of iOS Music. And it is still only the beginning.

One final remark: for this article I have dropped the usual integrated soundcloud player in favor of clickable links. This post wouldn't be very readable with so many players in it. Believe me, I've seen the preview...:-)






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