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Monthly Archives: July 2014

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Video: Intro to Jam Maestro


In this video I introduce you to Jam Maestro with a very basic walkthrough and demo. I hope to get more into this app at a later time but if you want to see the basic features and functionality then this is the video for you. I like this app, it looks really nice and Rock On →

50% off JamUp IAP’s and a vid from Ola Englund


Hey All, Thought I’d pop on and let everyone know that all Expansion Packs for JamUp by Positive Grid are on sale for 50% off! Wow! Wish I’d got in on this but I already have them all! So if you need a few of them… now is the perfect time! I also wanted to Rock On →

iTablaPro review – A great tabla and tanpura music app


I’ve always had an affinity for Indian music. I can’t pinpoint where it comes from, as I was raised in the 1970’s on Led Zeppelin, KISS, and The Eagles (thanks Dad!). Maybe the sitar in “Within You Without You” subconsciously set its hooks in me after constant spins of Sgt. Peppers on the turntable. But, growing up Rock On →

Dream Album #1: The Supersonic Tartan Dream Album

stdm album

This is the start of a new series. Well-known iOS Musicians compile an album of their favourite iOS music. First in a -hopefully- long row of “Dream Albums” is Jeff McCarthy AKA Supersonic Tartan Death Machine. Jeff has just released two solo albums and one as a member of Dun Aenghus (together with Guy Beeri Mauseth Rock On →

Video: ToneStack Factory Preset Sound Demo


In this video I go through a bunch of the factory presets of ToneStack by Yonac. I used AudioShare to capture the high quality audio. I really like this app, I can’t wait to get the Mother Load IAP. Going to be using it a lot. Thank You for Watching!

Quincy review – A great generative app from RoGame Software


Quincy was released in April of 2014, and caught the attention of many in the iOS music world. But it was immediately apparent that the app had a little way to go before it would be a “complete” iOS music app. Thankfully, the developers at RoGame Software have been hard at work, and have updated Rock On →

Video: Caramel High Quality Audio Demo


Here is a quick sound demo of “Caramel” a new effects app by Holderness Media. I use DM-1 drum machine as well as a dry metal guitar riff in bm2 to test this out. You can really get some neat sounds out of this app, I really like what it does to drums. Thank you Rock On →

Caramel app review – A new distortion effect from Holderness Media


I recently wrote an article about five of my favorite iOS music app developers. Christoper Rice (Holderness Media) was an easy choice for that list, based on his excellent resume of effects apps (Echo Pad, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, and Crystalline). Never one to rest apparently, he has released another fantastic new effects app called Caramel Rock On →

AltiSpace review – New convolution reverb app from Igor Vasiliev


In my most recent post, I talked about my five favorite developers of iOS music apps. In a nice bit of timing, one of those developers, Igor Vasiliev, has just released a new app, AltiSpace. As with his other apps, it is brilliant, and highly recommended. If you’re like me, you more than likely already Rock On →

Five iOS music app developers that you NEED to know


OK, so that headline was clearly a shameless attempt at grabbing your attention. But, now that I’ve got it, I thought it might be a good time to discuss some of my favorite iOS music app developers. For many of you, these names will be familiar. But for some of the new folks to the Rock On →