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Alchemy Mobile gets a big update!

Alchemy Mobile, the iOS version of the Alchemy synthesizer on PC, just got updated to Version 2.3. While there were some nice "minor" updates, such as implementing the Audiobus 2 state-saving feature and the ability to edit your recordings, the highlight here is the ability to create your own presets. This makes Alchemy Mobile almost feel like a brand new app.

YouTube demo from Camel Audio from April 2013

For anyone unfamiliar with Alchemy Mobile, it is an app that is perhaps more of a player than a synthesizer. You don't build sounds from a basic 'init' patch, but you can sculpt the preset sounds in many, many ways. Based on the preset used, you can adjust various parameters, such as LFO, Reverb, Grain Size, Cutoff, etc. In addition, for each preset, there are 8 "pads" which have different parameters already built-in. You can move between these pads to create some great swirling variations. One fun thing to note: You can also tilt your device to move the pointer between the pads, for an alternate way of performing. There are also drum pads available, and a simple, but nice, 4-track sequencer.

Alchemy Mobile is a free app, and is also universal. The free version comes with 30 sounds included, and an additional 35 are available just for creating an account (advice: do this). Even without upgrading to the Pro version, you can buy individual sound packs, which range from ambient to spooky. Alchemy Mobile is fantastic for huge, evolving soundtrack work, but can also be used quite nicely for some electronic tracks. Each sound pack comes with 50 sounds.

Some other basic features of Alchemy Mobile: It is Audiobus and IAA-compatible, as well as Core MIDI-compatible, so you can plug in your external keyboard.

The Pro upgrade bring so much more to the table. By upgrading, you are able to use virtual MIDI, get additional "smart scales", save songs, and pitchbend notes, among others. One feature of the Pro version that may be huge for many is that Alchemy Mobile can be used as a controller for the desktop version, and you can load presets from the desktop version into the Mobile version.

But, the Version 2.3 update brings something completely new to Alchemy Mobile. You can now import your own sounds, and create your own presets. I loved Alchemy Mobile before, but this is something else! I don't think anyone saw this coming. You can import sounds via Dropbox, computer, or other iOS apps.

I created this track using one spoken word clip I found on a Creative Commons site. It is some guy, saying something in German. I've included the raw clip at the beginning of the track. Then, I imported it into Alchemy Mobile, and created four separate tracks, using only this one short spoken word clip. That's all I used. This was a quick demo, and admittedly I went way overboard in moving between the 8 pads for some of the sounds. But, you can get an idea of how much this feature opens up Alchemy Mobile. Again, every sound in this demo comes from this one spoken word clip.

I was a HUGE fan of Alchemy Mobile before this update. I've bought every soundpack available, and love the big, rich sounds you can create with Alchemy. For soundtrack, ambient, ethereal sounds, Alchemy Mobile is the tops. This update has allowed us to now get very creative with the app. This is really big. I am loving this.

If, for some reason, you don't have this app yet, go get it now. It's free! And the free version is a great app on its own. But the richness of the soundpacks may convince you to upgrade, and I would definitely recommend that. One of my favorite apps just got better. Good times.

Alchemy Synth Mobile Studio (AppStore Link) Alchemy Synth Mobile Studio
Developer: Camel Audio Limited
Rated: 4+4.5
Price: Free Download

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