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Mobile music making workshop for professionals in Berlin

A 4-day workshop on music making with mobile apps including experimentation, composition, production and performance will take place as part of the "Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2014" from August 4th until August 7th. The workshop is conceived as a composition and sound workshop in the form of an experimental laboratory; a creative space for exchange and new discoveries in the multifaceted cornucopia of available apps and hardware. Enthusiasts, experts and interested parties from all backgrounds are therefore invited to participate in the collaborative investigation of and experimentation with sound, music and performance – a collective ‘learning by doing’ approach.

The workshop is aimed at enthusiasts, professional musicians, sound artists and music technologists with advanced experience creating music with apps. This is a workshop for those who are seeking an interactive exchange with others with regard to new musical forms, new apps, new hardware technology and innovative, expressive methods of sound making, performance and collaboration. Interested parties of all disciplines are encouraged to participate; diverse and varied backgrounds often bring valuable eclectic elements into the collaborative mix.

The lecturer of this workshop will be Matthias Krebs, who is well known for his work with the DigiEnsemble Berlin, the first professional music ensemble that regularly performs with mobile apps on physical stages.

Although the official application deadline on the website is today, July 7th, Matthias assured me there will be an extension of this deadline until July 14th.

If you are interested (and I'm sure you are) you will find further Information and the application form here.

This Video will give you some impressions of last years workshop:


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