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Dream Album #1: The Supersonic Tartan Dream Album

This is the start of a new series. Well-known iOS Musicians compile an album of their favourite iOS music. First in a -hopefully- long row of "Dream Albums" is Jeff McCarthy AKA Supersonic Tartan Death Machine. Jeff has just released two solo albums and one as a member of Dun Aenghus (together with Guy Beeri Mauseth and Martin Neuhold). All three albums are well worth checking out.

Here's what he has to say about his compilation:

"I am a piper.

I have been playing for 25 years, and love the sounds of all sorts of Celtic music! I certainly have a bias towards the sound of bagpipes, whether they be Highland Pipes, Scottish Smallpipes, Border Pipes, etc...

But... I have a secret past, in which I have always had an appreciation for ALL sorts of music, of many genres and styles. Through the 70s to present I have always had an ear out for what I like and what music moves me. This hasn't changed... and so I present to you a collection of some of my personal favorite tracks on SoundCloud at the moment. Over 90 minutes of great music from artists all over the world.

I call it "The Supersonic Tartan Dream Album".

An "ultimate" compilation of sorts, this collection features some of the busiest, most productive and most creative talents on SoundCloud, that use iPads at some level or another in the production of their music. Whether it is tracking, lyric writing, recording, sharing sound files, distorting sound files, DESTROYING sound files(!?), adding accompaniments, building ideas, making drafts, all of this and more can be done on this nifty little device known as an iPad. We are all big fans of this tablet, and what it can do. We are constantly exploring the potential of the iPad, testing it's limits, and often exceeding it's limits.

Every artist I mention below, I am a huge fan of, and I encourage you to support them by listening on SoundCloud, checking for buy links and watching their videos on YouTube. Many of these artists have music available on Bandcamp and iTunes, amongst others. Follow them on Facebook, you will definitely find many of them there."

And this is the album:


As we want to continue this into a series of"Dream Albums" we encourage every iOS artist to compile his own and send us a playlist of soundcloud tracks together with a few introducing words. Get in contact with me (Martin Neuhold) either via facebook ( or via email:

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