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Video: Intro to Jam Maestro

In this video I introduce you to Jam Maestro with a very basic walkthrough and demo. I hope to get more into this app at a later time but if you want to see the basic features and functionality then this is the video for you. I like this app, it looks really nice and has some really great features. Kind of funny that I discovered the midi out thing as I was doing the video. haha :-)

Also introducing a new feature for my videos. I will be playing clips of ios music from the community (that's you!!!)during the new outro to my videos. In this video the featured song is "God Future" by Joey Joe Joel. Absolutely love this song even though rap isn't my bag. The song currently isn't available for download or purchase, it will be on his upcoming album. I will announce that when it "drops" heh.

Jam Maestro - guitar tab sequencer (AppStore Link) Jam Maestro - guitar tab sequencer
Developer: David Blake
Rated: 4+5
Price: $11.99 Download

Thanks for watching!

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