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Video: Jam Maestro Midi and IAA tutorial

In this video I show how to use Jam Maestro as a MIDI controller and how to use IAA. It's pretty cool as you are able to sturm, solo, sequence or even play two apps at once. I used Tera Synth and Animoog to show the midi and DM-1 for the IAA. For some reason DM-1 didn't record into audioshare when used as IAA, not sure why... So the drum portion of the video doesn't have high quality audio. Sorry about that. Also starting to realize that it's time to start thinking about a newer iPad as my 3rd gen just isn't cutting it anymore. If you want to help me with that feel free to donate!

Jam Maestro - guitar tab sequencer (AppStore Link) Jam Maestro - guitar tab sequencer
Developer: David Blake
Rated: 4+5
Price: $11.99 Download

In this video the featured outro song is "Lock Me Away" by Colin Powell

Thank You for Watching!

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