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Coming soon: Ondes, from Olympia Noise Co.

Olympia Noise Co., the developers of Chordion and dot Melody, have just shared some details about their next app, called Ondes. Ben Kamen, the developer, has described it as an "expressive electronic instrument", which may sound a bit vague, but check out the sneak peek video below for more:

As you can see, it shares characteristics of both a theremin, and the Ondes Montenot. Per Ben, it is not necessarily an emulation of either of those, but takes inspiration as a starting point. The interface looks to be a simple linear note layout, with pitches labeled for ease of accuracy.

Based on the demo video, we can guess at a few things. It looks to be polyphonic, and have some wave table oscillation going on. Looking at the menu options, we can see some controls for oscillators, filter, amplifiers, and effects. There will be some presets included as well.

This app looks like it will be great for some great lead lines, as it does have a nice glide sound. Ben has already confirmed that Ondes will be Audiobus and IAA-compatible, so I'm already excited to put this through AUFX: Space and AUFX: Dub to really send this into outer space.

I've previously reviewed dot Melody here, and really liked it. And many of you may already own Chordion, which is a great all-around instrument and MIDI controller. I am very interested in getting my hands on this one, and I will surely provide a review once it is released. No definite date has been set yet, but Ben has said perhaps late August or early September. Stay tuned!

Chordion : Musical Instrument & MIDI Controller (AppStore Link) Chordion : Musical Instrument & MIDI Controller
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Rated: 4+5
Price: $6.99 Download
dot Melody (AppStore Link) dot Melody
Developer: Olympia Noise Co.
Rated: 4+4.5
Price: $6.99 Download

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