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Video Production iOS vs PC

Hey all,

Since the beginning of iOS MARS all my videos have been made 100% on ios. Shot on iPhone, edited on iPad. This includes the intros and outros as well as the sound effects and theme. Recently I have been trying to make better videos, spending more time editing, adding high quality audio, featured ios songs, etc... This takes a lot of time and requires me to use a large amount of space on my iPad (6-10gigs), space I could be using for more apps.

So, I'm curious, Is it worth the hassle? It's been a point of pride with me that all iOS MARS videos are done completely on iOS but I wonder if it is really worth it and if the viewers care or just want the best video possible. I ask because the thought of switching to PC for my editing is getting a lot more appealing to me. Editing videos on PC would take a fraction of the time it takes me on iPad as well as being able to use much more powerful editing tools and video effects.. In truth, it will make the videos a lot more enjoyable to watch and unlock a lot more possibilities for future videos.

So if you can please take a moment and vote for which ever answer best describes what you think, that'd be great and really help me decide what to do here. After all, These videos are made for all of you. You don't need to log in to vote and if you have more to say, please feel free to comment. :-)

Video production: iOS vs PC

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