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Earhoof gets an update!

Earhoof, an app that defies a conventional definition, just recently got a great update. New features include Audiobus 2 support, MIDI clock sync, and MIDI input.

If you haven't yet purchased Earhoof, check out the demo video below for an introduction:

Yes, at first glance Earhoof may look like a 4-slice toaster, but don't be fooled. This app fits nicely into what I like to call "uniquely iPad" types of apps, along side TC-11 and Gestrument. Earhoof brilliantly takes advantage of the touch interface of the iPad to manipulate sounds.

Earhoof comes stocked with over 80 presets, which vary in style from percussive to melodic. Browsing these presets will certainly intrigue you, and most likely get a few laughs. With names such as "Celery Stalker", "Flu Buddy", and "Hits from the Gong", you know that the developer Brendan Regan is having some fun here. You can also add your own samples, so go ahead and sample your own toaster!

earhoof 1

Earhoof works by layering multiple audio samples. On the interface, these are manipulated by the position of your fingers on the four columns. Each column will have different rhythmic patterns, so you can alter your song by moving from column to column. This might not immediately make sense when reading it, but becomes instantly usable after playing for just a few minutes.

Just getting through all of the presets, and playing on the main interface screen will keep you busy. But digging in further to the Layer Editor Panel is where you can tweak your sounds even further. For each preset, you can layer different sounds in seemingly endless configurations. And to take the sound manipulation options even further, you can then draw the parameter curves for gain, pitch, pan, filter frequency, filter Q, delay and the offset.

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The rhythmic patterns play a big role in Earhoof, and the app offers endless possibilities here as well. You can subdivide the pattern into simple half- or quarter- notes, or go over the top with quick 32nd or 64th notes. By creating four different rhythmic patterns here, this is where your main playing interface becomes like some kind of futuristic drum pad.

Earhoof is one of those apps that is difficult to describe, but so easy to play. There simply is not a comparable app out there. This app is one that I like to go to when I need something different. I fall too easily into a normal pattern (no pun intended) when I'm using drum machines like DM1 or DrumPerfect. But Earhoof shakes things up. It's not normal, and that's great. The new updates are a welcome addition to an already brilliant app. Earhoof really should be in your collection if you like sonic exploration, or just want to push the boundaries of your imagination.

If you're thinking about buying Earhoof, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

Earhoof (AppStore Link) Earhoof
Developer: Brendan Regan
Rated: 4+5
Price: $6.99 Download

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