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ScaleGen review – A brilliant scale generator from Jesper Nordin


ScaleGen is the new app from developer Jesper Nordin, of Gestrument fame. I’ve made no secret about my love for Gestrument, one of the most unique apps on iOS. Easily a Top-5 app for me. So when I heard Jesper had a new app on the way, I couldn’t have been more excited. Where Gestrument Rock On →

csSpectral review – New app from the makers of csGrain


csSpectral is the newest effects app from the development studio Boulanger Labs. You may be familiar with Boulanger Labs from their previous app csGrain. First off, any developer that has the word “Labs” in their name is OK in my book, as I envision mad scientists cooking up craziness in a basement lab. The fact Rock On →

Life on Mars – RIP Doctor Zaius


Hello everyone, As many of you may remember, roughly one year ago iOS MARS was in distress and I reached out to the community to help us keep the doors open. Although the campaign failed to keep the site going like it once was the generous donations kept me alive and the lights on here Rock On →

TF7 Review – Guest Review from Adekoye Adams


Note: The following is a guest review from musician Adekoye Adams. Taking an integrative approach to electronic music, Adekoye loves the new movement of IOS music apps and how they can be applied to all manners of music. He enjoys art, science, the evolution of the user experience along with good food, music and revelry. His Rock On →

Stroke Machine gets a major update in Version 2.0


Stroke Machine, the drum and groove synthesizer from Wolfram Franke, just got a major update recently. Version 2.0 brings several new views to the app, along with MIDI enhancements and Audiobus 2 support. A recent update (2.0.1) brought some minor bug fixes. Originally released in late 2013, Stroke Machine received a lot of recognition, not Rock On →

A call to action, iOS Musicians!


Some of you may have seen the following review of the Focusrite iTrack Dock on a little while back. A nice review, for sure. However, one interesting little bit was somewhat buried in the second paragraph of the article: “But, for whatever reason, we’re not getting a huge number of requests to cover more Rock On →

midiSequencer gets a major update!


My favorite sequencer app, midiSequencer by developer Tony Saunders, just got a huge update this week. Along with some bug fixes, version 1.7 brings some great new features. I’ve listed all the new features below, straight from the App Store description: Enhancements: ▪ new colour scheme – cool blue. ▪ monitor function – enables you Rock On →

Rock Drum Machine review – Drum loop app gets on the ‘Bus


Rock Drum Machine, from developer Luis Martinez, has been around since October 2013, but has thankfully just been updated with Audiobus compatibility. This has breathed new life into this app, and makes it worth a look. Drum apps in the iOS environment tend heavily towards the electronic ‘808/909’ sounds, which work great for certain genres, Rock On →

SpaceVibe review – An interstellar sci-fi instrument for iPad


SpaceVibe, from developer Yannick Roy, is a new app that definitely fits into that “unique” instrument category that I so love. Described as a “multi-oscillator phase distortion module with delay and rotary effects”, SpaceVibe is part theremin, part noise maker, and part echo machine. Within minutes I was feeling like Syd Barrett at the UFO Club, Rock On →

Ondes review – Olympia Noise Co.’s new app


Ondes is the new app from Olympia Noise Co., makers of Chordion and dot Melody. Described as an “expressive electronic instrument”, Ondes is an instant joy to play. As pointed out on the Olympia Noise Co. Facebook page, Ondes is French for “waves”, and rhymes with “owned”. It is meant to emulate, but not necessarily mimic, Rock On →