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Refractions & Echoes – New album from Adam Matza

Musician Adam Matza has just released his new album titled "Refractions & Echoes" today. Check out the album at

The album was created entirely on an iPad, using Animoog, Alchemy Mobile, iVCS3, Thor and Magellan, with some effects added from Filtratron and the AUFX suite of apps (Dub, Space, and PeakQ).

Adam recorded these six tracks in live improvisational sessions at Living Room Studios and live public performances between March and July of 2014 in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. All tracks were written and recorded by Adam except "Cork," which is a collaboration between Adam and Gunther Berkus, who recorded the granular synthesis rhythm track in Cork, Ireland.

The album runs over an hour and 20 minutes, and is a fantastic collection of dark sounds. These are some epic soundscapes, with the title track running over 28 minutes. This isn't a toe-tapper, "get on the floor and dance" kind of album, which is perfect for my tastes. Grab some headphones and enjoy.

One track that particularly grabbed my attention was "Sociopathic Serenade". There is some real low-end on this one, and would be right at home on the soundtrack to "The Shining", if you ask me. Dark, creepy, evocative stuff on this one.

"Night Before, Day After" may be the most melodic track on the album. This one really chugs along, with a great lead line running on top. Great way to kick off the album.

Adam Matza is an experimental, electronic, improvisational ambient soundscape and noise artist in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He plays quite a few live shows using his iPad, so if you are in the area, go check out one of his shows. Here's a video clip performing part of the title track:

You can follow Adam on his Facebook Artist page for more info on upcoming live performances, and hopefully, new album releases.

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