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A call to action, iOS Musicians!

Some of you may have seen the following review of the Focusrite iTrack Dock on a little while back.

A nice review, for sure. However, one interesting little bit was somewhat buried in the second paragraph of the article:

"But, for whatever reason, we’re not getting a huge number of requests to cover more iPad gear, nor are we sent much music made using an iPad. If anything people seem to be using traditional desktop set-ups more than ever, with iPads perhaps taking the duties of scratchpad, idea generators. (Perhaps we’re wrong, so if you do make music on an iPad, please send it in via the Send Us Your Tunes process at and, as always, let us know what you want us to cover!)"

I think we can all say that our iDevices are being used  for more than the "duties of scratchpad, idea generators". Personally, I make ALL of my music on my iPad, beginning to end. Sure, occasionally I'll plug in my guitar, but I do not use any desktop DAW or mixing/mastering software at all. I know some of you do, and I don't mean to turn this into a "purist" discussion. But I'm sure we've all either experienced or read similar comments as the ones from MusicTech, somehow implying that iOS music is still not a legitimate form of music creation.

So, back to the last sentence of that paragraph. An open invitation for us all to send in our tracks made on our iDevices. This is a great opportunity to show a major music magazine just what we are doing with our iPads and iPhones. I've provided the link below to their "Send Us Your Tunes" e-mail submission:

Let's be sure that we are highlighting the fact that these tracks were made on iOS devices. Providing a list of apps that were used and workflow commentary might also provide some insight into our scene. I know that there are some amazing tracks being created out there, full albums even. While I certainly don't feel a personal need for validation from these magazines, it would be great to show off what is being created in this new era of music creation.



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