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Life on Mars – RIP Doctor Zaius

Hello everyone,

As many of you may remember, roughly one year ago iOS MARS was in distress and I reached out to the community to help us keep the doors open. Although the campaign failed to keep the site going like it once was the generous donations kept me alive and the lights on here at iOS MARS. With the newer editions of Sean Garland and Martin Neuhold to the iOS MARS team the site has been able to pick back up and it's fantastic! Today I'm reaching out to you the readers to help us keep it going.

Now, don't worry too much. Unlike a year ago, I am not in danger of being homeless and losing the ability to work on the site or not having internet. This time we just need a little help paying the bill to keep the site open. So, I'm sending out an SOS (save our site) to you, the readers and viewers of iOS MARS. A lot like PBS, for those who know it, "If you would like more of this quality programming..." haha. :-)

If you are able to spare a few dollars to help us out please scroll down to "What Can I Do?" for easy ways to help us out. Even small amounts help out a lot! If you don't want to or can't afford to help out, hey, It's all good! Keeping the site open doesn't cost much, just more than we have. Thank you so much for reading this either way.

Why do you need help?

RIP Doctor Zaius

RIP Doctor Zaius

It's been a tough year... From having no internet to over working myself just to live pay check to pay check. From being really sick to getting physically injured. It's just been one terrible thing after another. Then in late July the worst thing of all happened in that my kitty cat and best friend, Doctor Zaius, passed away (see picture). I know if you don't love cats it's pretty hard to understand but losing her completely destroyed me much like losing a child i imagine. So, I lost my job cause i was too depressed to work and the boss didn't understand. I sold almost all of my musical equipment to cover rent and bills to make it through.
RIP Doctor Zaius

RIP Doctor Zaius

Anyhow, I've finally started to feel good enough to work again so I picked up a website job, an exciting job that I will tell you all about as soon as I can. This covered my rent and internet and food for the month, however I didn't have quite enough to cover the website bill. It's not much, but I am just out of things to sell.

Not your problem at all but I thought maybe some of you might understand and since we are not asking for thousands of dollars, it is worth a shot to ask for some help. After all, I'm sure if you've taken the time to read this then you have used the site before and probably want it to stay online as bad as we do :-)

What Can I do?

There are a few different ways to help us out and we don't need much

1: Buy an Album or Song

Probably the easiest and best way to help us out is to buy an album or song from our bandcamp, featuring many different ios musicians. You can buy a song for as cheap as a dollar. :-)

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

2: Donate directly

You can always donate directly through the donate button

Other ways to help out....

3: Buy apps from the applist

Buying your apps through our links, either here on the main site or on the App List gives us a small percentage of the sale price at no extra cost to you or the developer. This is a great way to give back to us as you are most likely going to buy the app anyways. The downside of this is that it takes a few months for us to see a penny of this money and when we do it isn't much at all. However the more people that use the links, the quicker that will change.

4: Advertising

If you are an app developer, hardware developer or website owner we do have ad space available. Email me at for details

5: Buy Graphics

Need a logo, tattoo design, advertisement,etc? Any kind of graphic design, I can help out. Email me at and tell me about your project.

Help other ios music websites

Please donate to other ios music websites as well. Many website owners struggle to keep their sites open, please help them out too! Thank you! 😀

Thank you very much for viewing iOS MARS. Your support keeps us going!

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