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Monthly Archives: October 2014

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Fiddlewax Pro – The new app from Adam Kumpf


Developer Adam Kumpf, maker of Fiddlewax Yellow and Fiddlewax Blue, has released another app in the Fiddlewax collection – Fiddlewax Pro. Yes, I just used the word “Fiddlewax” four times in one sentence. Off to a great start!  But on a more serious note, I have recently had the chance to play with Fiddlewax Pro, Rock On →

iFretless Brass – New app in the iFretless series


Blue Mangoo has released the latest in their iFretless series, the long-awaited iFretless Brass. Delayed for release due to the miasma of iOS8, they have finally deemed it ready for the wild. Was the wait worth it? Absolutely. The iFretless series of apps may be familiar to many of you. Their previous apps included iFretless Guitar, Rock On →

Laplace – a new resonator synth from iceGear


It seems as though, every time a new synth is released, the common question in the iOS music community is “Do I need another synth?” Well, that question needs to be answered again, as iceGear has just released Laplace, a resonator synth. Being an unabashed synth collector, my first instinct (against my better budgetary discretion) Rock On →

Oscilab gets an update – MIDI clock sync!


I’ve written about Oscilab quite a bit here on iOS MARS. I wrote a review back in May when it was first released. Ryan also created an excellent video demo of the app, showing off some of the great features. In June, I highlighted some great tracks created by some musicians from the iPad Musicians Rock On →

SpaceVibe gets on the ‘bus


Back in September, I wrote a review of SpaceVibe, a trippy synth that is great for out-of-this-world sounds. At the time, there was no Audiobus compatibility, but developer Yannick Roy promised that it would be coming soon. That day is today! SpaceVibe just got the Version 1.1 update, which not only brings Audiobus, but some Rock On →

triqtraq gets a big update – now Universal!


The app triqtraq, a “jam sequencer” groovebox from Zaplin Music, has been around since 2012 on the iPhone. But just recently it was updated to be universal, as well as getting Audiobus 2, IAA support and iOS 8 support. That’s the kind of update that is going to get some attention. It got mine. I should Rock On →

M3000 Ultimate Edition – Omenie brings the complete mellotron experience to iPad


Omenie has recently released upon the iOS music community the ultimate mellotron collection. Aptly named the M3000 Ultimate Edition, this version of the app collects all of the previous versions and in-app purchases into one complete app. And if you’ve got the storage space and the dinero, the M3000 Ultimate Edition may be the last Rock On →

Jordantron review – New app from Jordan Rudess and Omenie


Jordantron is, as you may have guessed, the latest app from Jordan Rudess, the keyboardist from Dream Theater, and the man behind many iOS music apps. I’ve recently reviewed HarmonyWiz, which is a unique song generator app. Jordantron is a straight forward keyboard app, containing a complete set of his exclusive sounds. Developed for Wizdom Music by Rock On →