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Monthly Archives: November 2014

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KORG Module has arrived


The long-awaited KORG Module has hit the App Store today, and with an introductory price. Starting today, and running until December 11th, Module is on sale for $29.99. This includes the five modules Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Clav, Organ, and Multi. Also new to iOS musicians today are the two sound libraries, which are also on a Rock On →

GuitarCapo + goes big in Version 3.0


While many in the iOS music community has been anxiously awaiting the Black Friday app sales, some iOS music developers have been busy making some massive updates to their apps. Ondes from Olympia Noise Co. recently added some great new features in Version 1.1. Adam Kumpf basically doubled the awesomeness of Fiddlewax Pro in his Rock On →

Fiddlewax Pro version 2.0 hits the App Store with some big new features


I recently reviewed Fiddlewax Pro by developer Adam Kumpf. I was very impressed with the app at the time. I also had mentioned how active Adam had been within the community, specifically over on the Audiobus forums. A lot of users provided some great feature suggestions, and it is clear that he was listening. Version Rock On →

Tempo Rubato brings a classic harpsichord to the iPad


Tempo Rubato had been teasing their new app in the past few weeks, and today that app has finally been released. That app is a harpsichord app by the name of Historic Harpsichords – Ruckers 1628. I received my copy this morning, and have had a brief chance to give it a spin. I’ll do Rock On →

iOS Music and You podcast is back!


Great news in the iOS music world, as Chip Boaz has returned from hiatus to revive the awesome iOS Music and You podcast! The podcast had gone dark since October 2013, but recently came back big with two new episodes. If you’re unfamiliar with the podcast, it is one of the only podcasts that I’m Rock On →

Disco Fingers app review – A fun, creative, and easy-to-use app for everyone


Growing up, I had no musical training at all. No piano lessons, only public school music classes. I tried drums in 4th grade, but got bored with only playing quarter notes on a snare drum with that big rubber damper on it. I first started playing guitar at age 16. A jazz bassist friend had a Rock On →

WretchUp app review – A wild sound mangler from MoM Instruments


Barely controlled chaos. These are the words that I would use to describe WretchUp, a new app from Oliver Greschke in collaboration with the group Mouse on Mars. At its core, it is an effects app that is able to mangle your sounds, but in a good way. Anyone who has read my previous reviews knows Rock On →

Ondes gets a huge update in Version 1.1!


I had previously reviewed Ondes back when it was released in September. I loved the app back then, as I’m a big fan of this type of app. Apparently Ben Kamen (Olympia Noise Co.) wasn’t finished bringing the awesome, and he has just released Version 1.1. I don’t recall seeing such a huge update from Rock On →

Egoist has arrived – The new slicer from Sugar Bytes for iPad

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Sugar Bytes has just released their newest app for iPad today, called Egoist. This app is primarily a slicer, but you can also create bass lines and beats to go along with the sliced samples. Check out the release trailer: As you can see, this thing can get pretty crazy pretty quickly. As the app Rock On →

Notion app review – An outstanding composition tool for your iPad


If you’re like me, you’ve had dreams of creating The Epic Masterpiece. Visions of furiously scribbling notes with a quill and ink by candlelight, huddled over a grand piano. While this may have been how the masters did it, today we have the luxury of creating our own masterpieces on our iPads. If this is your goal, Rock On →